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How to get browsers AND Cloudflare to cache a single page on your WordPress site

I maintain the Send Later Thunderbird add-on, which has something on the order of 80,000 active users (exact numbers are unknown because statistics collection on addons.thunderbird.org has been broken for months). The user guide for Send Later, which includes the release notes, is published elsewhere on this blog. Whenever I publish a new major or… Read More »

How to hose your web server by releasing free software

I run a virtual server on Linode which hosts, among other things, the blog you are currently reading. The server doesn’t get a lot of traffic and is rarely busy or overloaded, so when I get an alert from Linode that its CPU has been pegged for the past two hours, as I did early… Read More »

I guess I’m a Mozilla add-on developer now

I just released a port of the “Send Later” Mozilla Thunderbird add-on for Thunderbird 3.1+. The old version is not compatible with Thunderbird 3, and its author and maintainer appears to have abandoned it. I’d love for him to integrate my changes into his version and resume maintaining it, but in the meantime, for the… Read More »