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I guess I’m now a Mozilla core developer, too

About a month ago, I dived into the world of Mozilla add-on development by adopting the abandoned Thunderbird “Send Later” add-on and porting it to Thunderbird 3.1. The learning curve was pretty steep, and it took a lot more work than I expected to stabilize the add-on, but I think it was worth it, consideringā€¦ Read More »

I guess I’m a Mozilla add-on developer now

I just released a port of the “Send Later” Mozilla Thunderbird add-on for Thunderbird 3.1+. The old version is not compatible with Thunderbird 3, and its author and maintainer appears to have abandoned it. I’d love for him to integrate my changes into his version and resume maintaining it, but in the meantime, for theā€¦ Read More »