Buyer beware: lies about the quality of their filters, refuses to honor their warranty, has fake reviews posted on their web site, doesn’t let customers post real reviews, ignores customer service tickets, ignores TrustPilot reviews, ignores Better Business Bureau complaints. On top of all that, at least some of the filters they sell can be purchased elsewhere cheaper.

Don’t worry, Brewster Rockit will return

Never fear, comics aggregator users who have noticed that Brewster Rockit has been missing for the past few days! I have it on good authority (the author himself!) that it will return shortly: Actually still trying to figure out what’s wrong, but this happens occasionally (this isn’t the first time) and it’s usually a clerical… Read More »

Today’s episode of health insurance companies are bad and they should feel bad

About my struggle to get good therapy for a family member paid for by health insurance, with delays and difficulties caused by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts in particular and the business model of health insurance in general. This highlights the challenges many families face in accessing timely and affordable therapy.