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Why you should not use 1and1 to register your domains

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

I was recently looking for a domain registrar to which to transfer my domains from Go Daddy (the whole SOPA-supporting, misogynistic-ads-running, whole-day-outage-allowing thing just wasn’t doing it for me anymore), and several friends recommended 1and1, so I went ahead and transferred my domains to them several days ago.

Boy, was that a mistake.


How not to apologize for a service outage

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

I have several domains on Go Daddy, including my blog and my primary email domain. As a result, both my blog and my email were nonfunctional for much of the day on September 10, due to the Go Daddy outage you’ve probably already heard about.

For the record, I first started using Go Daddy simply because they were, at the time, the cheapest. I know all about Go Daddy’s support for SOPA, and even before the September 10 outage, I was in the process of migrating my domains to another registrar. Having said that, my conviction that moving off of Go Daddy is the right thing to do was solidified by the “apology” Go Daddy sent to its customers on September 15.

Leaving aside for the moment that four days is way, way too long after a serious outage to wait before communicating with customers, there was one and only one “apology” which would have been acceptable: cold, hard cash, or at the very least, a credit toward future Go Daddy service. Many Go Daddy customers lost money because of the outage, and even those who didn’t lose money were extremely inconvenienced and lost time and productivity. Go Daddy should have shared that pain. Instead, they sent a worthless (literally) apology, at least to me (but keep reading after their apology for more news!): (more…)