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Fraudulent charity warning: Macular Degeneration Association / American Medical Research Organization

April 25, 2008 Bill McCollum Attorney General The Capital PL-01 Tallahassee, FL  32399-1050 E-mail: Dear Mr. McCollum: I am writing to bring to your attention a fraudulent charity that is operating out of Florida and scamming well-meaning individuals. I received a solicitation yesterday for an organization calling itself “Macular Degeneration Association” and which identifies… Read More »

Why not to donate to The March of Dimes

On November 26, I contacted The March of Dimes through a form on their Web site, asking them to remove me from their postal mailing list. (This was not because of a specific grievance against The March of Dimes; I’m trying to get us removed from all mailing lists to reduce wasted time dealing with… Read More »