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A journey of searching and renewal

Sunday, February 16th, 2014

Today, I embarked upon a magical journey, a journey of discovery, a journey of oneness with the environment. In a word, a journey of recycling.

For several years, I’ve been accumulating junk of various sorts on a shelf under my workbench with the intention of eventually figuring out how to dispose of it in an environmentally sound way. Today, I decided to throw it all into boxes and try to get rid of it.


Home Depot makes good

Monday, October 5th, 2009

First, Home Depot told me I was buying 1.44 square yards of carpet when I was actually buying 26.6 square yards.

Then, it turned out that they’d only given me 20 square yards of carpet, not the 26.6 square yards I paid for.

Apparently, somebody there has at least a bit of a clue about how to do decent customer service, because they called my house today.  My wife gave them my email address, and they just sent me this in email:

I received your letter today in the mail and I would like to apologize for your experience. I will refund you for the entire roll of carpet. I will work with our associates and review “how to measure carpet accurately” with each associate. I hope this makes up for your time and poor experience. If you need anything else please feel free to contact me. Again I would like to apologize.

Good turnaround time and acceptable resolution (more than I asked for).  As far as I’m concerned, the issue is resolved to my satisfaction.  Although I do still wish they’d gotten it right to begin with.

Speaking of which, while writing this blog entry, a light-bulb came on over my head, and I think I figured out how I ended up with a 15-foot length of carpet instead of a 20-foot length.  I suspect that the machine they use to measure and roll carpet is calibrated to measure square yards, not length.  Either the associate who measured my carpet didn’t know that, or he knew it but heard “20 square yards” when what I had said (repeatedly) was “20 feet long.”

No good deed goes unpunished, Home Depot edition

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Following up on my previous blog posting, I just sent this letter to The Home Depot (pay special attention to the part I’ve emphasized in red):

October 2, 2009

Store Manager
The Home Depot
615 Arsenel Street
Watertown, MA 02471

To whom it may concern:

This letter concerns a purchase whose receipt bar code is labeled “[elided]”.

Last Sunday, I visited your store to purchase a large piece of outdoor carpet. I told the sales associate who was assisting me that I wanted to buy a twenty-foot length from a standard twelve-foot roll.

After that associate and another one rolled and wrapped the carpet, one of them took out a calculator, tapped on it for a moment, announced that I was purchasing 1.44 square yards of carpet, and then went to get me a cart. The other associate dutifully wrote this on the roll.

There are some people who would have let this pass, but I am not one of them. I took out my own calculator, worked through the correct calculations, and informed the associate that the correct figure was 26.6 square yards. He thought about this for a moment and then crossed out the incorrect amount and wrote mine down in its place. I don’t know if he was actually convinced I was right, or merely saw nothing wrong with overcharging a customer who volunteered for it. In any case, I paid for the carpet and a spool of rope, used the rope to tie the carpet to the roof of my van, and then took it home.

Yesterday, when I unrolled the carpet to put it down in my back yard, I discovered that it was only fifteen feet long, not twenty feet, as I’d told the associate several times and he’d repeated back to me. (more…)

(not) Taking advantage of math-challenged Home Depot employees

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

A few days ago, I went to Home Depot to buy a big roll of outdoor carpet — 12′ x 20′ — for our back yard.  After rolling and cutting the carpet and wrapping it in cellophane, one of the two sales associates assisting in this endeavor whipped out a calculator, punched in a few numbers, and then announced that I was purchasing 1.44 square yards of carpet.  He left the scene to fetch a big enough cart for me, and the other associate wrote “1.44 sqyds” on the wrapped carpet.

“How much carpet did you say I was buying?” I asked with bemusement.

“1.44 yards,” he responded.

“Hmm.  That doesn’t sound quite right.  Let me see what I get.”  I took out my BlackBerry, launched the calculator application, and talked “to myself” while clicking away.  “Let’s see… 12 feet times 20 feet is 240 square feet.  I think dividing by 9 will give me square yards.  That gives 26.6.”  Then I turned to the associate.  “26.6 square yards sounds a bit more reasonable than 1.44 for a piece of carpet that big, don’t you think?”

He looked as if he was thinking about it for a minute, asked me to repeat the number I came up with, crossed off the “1.44 sqyds” on the roll, and replaced it with “26.6 sqyds”.

It’s sort of sad that Home Depot hasn’t figured out how to either adequately train its staff in to handle the simple math problems they encounter every day, or how to post a chart next to the carpet rolls (which should be easy, since all they’re all 12′ wide).  It’s somewhat sadder that an adult who presumably graduated from high school is incapable of solving this trivial math problem.  But what’s saddest at all is that the two adults helping me were both so mathematically illiterate that neither of them recognized the patent absurdity in saying that a huge roll of carpet had an area of a couple square yards.