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Virgin Mobile Auto-Topup broken for months

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

My wife still uses a Virgin Mobile prepaid phone, despite our previous run-in with their rampant stupidity (we stuck with them because they solved our problem in the end).

Unfortunately, their stupidity is on parade again.

My wife’s account is configured to auto-topup, i.e., every time her balance drops below $5, they’re supposed to automatically add $20 to it, charged to our credit card. However, when the balance dropped below $5 a month ago, auto-topup didn’t work. This means that my wife was unable to make calls when she needed to, since her balance eventually got low enough that the phone would not let her make calls.

When I complained via email to their customer service department, I got back an unintelligible response from someone whose first language obviously was not English. I complained again and got back this more comprehensible response (apparently when you complain, they escalate to someone who can speak English): “… our Headquarter specialists are aware of a system outage that is preventing the auto top up option from working properly. They are already working hard to find the root cause of this issue and get it fixed as soon as possible.”

I optimistically assumed that “as soon as possible” meant that the problem would be fixed before my wife’s balance dropped below $5 again. It did, after all, have the word “soon” in it.

Alas, the balance dropped below $5 a week ago, and again, the phone did not topup automatically.


Virgin Mobile makes amends

Monday, October 27th, 2008

My letter to the CEO of Virgin Mobile paid off, although it took them two months to respond.  I got a voicemail message from a woman there apologizing for the way my problem was handled and letting me know that she was sending me a new phone and putting a $10 credit on my account to compensate me for the inconvenience.  Actually, a postcard notifying me about the $10 credit and an email message notifying me that the new phone had been shipped both came before the voicemail message.

They even sent a better phone than the one we had originally bought.  The original phone was a Marbl, their cheapest one (for which they now charge $9.99, although we paid more for it), and they sent an ARC ($49.99).

And, best of all, wonder of wonders, the new phone actually holds a charge for more than a few minutes.

And so, although I’m sure their front-line customer service still sucks, we’re going to stick with them, at least for the time being, since they have successfully responded to my complaint and resolved it in the way I demanded.

Virgin Mobile sucks

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008