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Virgin Mobile Auto-Topup broken for months

My wife still uses a Virgin Mobile prepaid phone, despite our previous run-in with their rampant stupidity (we stuck with them because they solved our problem in the end). Unfortunately, their stupidity is on parade again. My wife’s account is configured to auto-topup, i.e., every time her balance drops below $5, they’re supposed to automatically… Read More »

Virgin Mobile makes amends

My letter to the CEO of Virgin Mobile paid off, although it took them two months to respond.  I got a voicemail message from a woman there apologizing for the way my problem was handled and letting me know that she was sending me a new phone and putting a $10 credit on my account to… Read More »

Virgin Mobile sucks

I sent the letter below to the CEO of Vigin Mobile over a month ago.  Thus far, there has been no response. Can anyone suggest a decent, inexpensive prepaid cell phone service?