101 thoughts on “Staples Easy Rebates Horror Story

  1. Rick

    Never Staples again. Sent all rebate info in for Hammermill paper rebate, first they send card stating missing something but did not state what?? After 20 minute call without being able to talk to anyone, I did online Chat. After another 10 minutes they gave me email address to send receipt which I did. Update a week latter they send me another email stating it was not sufficient. Online Chat again and they told me it just takes time. Not holding my breath, I guess I will just have to start shopping elsewhere.

    1. Anonymous

      I had the same experience on a purchase of the paper on 8/6/16. I am still working on getting the “EASY” rebate.
      I have had this problem many times over the past decade, but the $41 rebate on a box of paper suckered me in. The Staples policy is to make is to difficult that the customer will give up, but for $41 I am still hanging in 2 and a half months later. After being emailed that my submission was missing something, I managed to speak to a real person at Staples on 9/16/16, and she told me that there had been a system glitch on my submission, and she resubmitted my rebate. ON 9/22/16 I got an email it had been sent. Today, on 10/13/16 I realized it had not arrived, and so I called again. This time I got caught in voice mail hell, and so I agreed to do an
      “on line chat” – where we type back and forth. The Staples person (Pierreson Fracois) never answered a direct question of mine. He just wrote that he checked the records and it had been shipped on 10/13 (which is today’s date!), and I should expect it to come within 15 days. Lies, lies, and damned lies.

  2. Terri

    The mere number of complaints against staples rebates is enough reason to never shop there. Same experience different day. Will never shop at Staples again and will spread the negative word.

  3. Dale Erb

    I also experienced difficulties in getting my rebate from Staples. I finally got to talk to a live person and they informed me the checks had been mailed (2 Rebates) . I asked them if the checks had cleared their bank and they said no and they would issue replacement checks..
    I never received the checks and finally gave up.
    Today, I purchased some office supplies, including two cases of Hammermill paper that are eligible for a rebate of $39. You can get rebates for up to 4 cases @$39 each.
    I will file my rebate on line today but I’m not going to be counting on these rebates to lower my office expenses any time soon.
    The more I think about it, I think I will go to another on-line supplier to get my office supplies.

    Bloomsburg, PA

    1. uxf

      Rebates are a mind-sucking hassle, and rebates in the form of gift cards, like Staples’, are a total rip-off. Even after you manage to get your card, it’s really hard to use. It’s almost impossible to find something to buy that’s the exact amount of the card. If it’s over, you get refused. If it’s under, you leave unusable money on the card. Meanwhile, because it’s so hard to use, you let your card sit there and it starts losing $3 per month in “fees.”

      1. jik Post author

        If it’s over, you get refused.

        At many stores I’ve shopped at, when I have a gift card with a smaller balance than my purchase, it charges the balance of the gift card and then asks me for another payment method for the remainder of the purchase balance. I’m pretty sure this is true for Staples gift cards.

        Meanwhile, because it’s so hard to use, you let your card sit there and it starts losing $3 per month in “fees.”

        Staples gift cards do not have fees.

  4. Steve


  5. Norm

    On Black Friday (11/28/14) I purchased Kaspersky anti-virus (which had a $45 rebate) and 4 reams of Staples paper (each having a $7.98 rebate). With a 60 day rebate period from date of purchase, I tried to file the rebates online in early & mid January 2015 but my every attempt was foiled with the statement that “Your rebate ID has expired”. This was perplexing since the 60 day redemption period didn’t expire until late January. On 1/18/15 I emailed the rebate center about the problem and they responded that in order to assist me I would have to email or mail in the receipt which I did on 1/21/15 and 1/23/15 respectively. Well that Staples email response was the last I ever heard from them even after repeated request for assistance throughout the last weeks of January and early February.

    Although I emailed the completed rebate form and store receipt to them on the Jan. 21st and then mailed the same material in on Jan. 23rd, the rebate center tracking shows no record of my two rebates at all. Its like they never existed and the way they ignored my many emails, I (the customer) didn’t exist at all either.

    While in the past I hadn’t had problems filing a number of smaller rebates, I am now wondering whether they have different intentions and approach on honoring the more substantial ones . The bottom line is that Staples stiffed me for $76.92 so I would urge others to think twice about buying big ticket items with fat dangling rebate offers at Staples. The savings may look good in the advertisement but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are ever going to see the money materialize.

  6. Jack McCown

    great price on Kaspersky antivirus. half off after rebate. easy rebate is anything but easy. felt like a dog chasing my tail. gave it 30 minutes of my time, not willing to give anymore, not for $30. which is no doubt by design the way the rebate is suppose to work. sorry Staples, i’ll take my business elsewhere from know on.

  7. ware

    And what? You’re surprised? I work at Staples, and yes, the company is a thief.

  8. danny

    Thanks to all I bought a anti virus today at staples came home read all the scamms with the rebate went and returned this …

  9. Bob

    Thanks for having and tending this website. I too am a Staples Rebate Loser but don’t intend to do much more than this here. I could take it back to the Staples store where I bought the item but I am not expecting to go in that direction for a while. It is a sad affair. People do not like being gypped and stores like Staples should do more to fix it. I guess that is something that Romney never got around to doing with the surpurb management skills he claimed. Consider this. We came very close to having him as our President. Would rebates been an option had he been elected? Nahhhhhh, no oops satisfaction there either. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  10. Jenn

    Just found this site to see if anybody went thru what I am. Purchased a Kindle Fire Nov 2012 with a 20 dollar rebate. Still have not received it after 9 online chats with Staples, 5 calls to rebate center. This is a scam and I wish that charges could be filed against them for stealing, false advertising, something. It’s criminal. I know its only $20 dollars but its a crime what this company is doing. I hate that Staples is breaking the law and stealing. If this has been going on for a while why have they not been shut down? And what can we do about it? Any ideas? What about going to the media?

  11. petis3283

    DO NOT SHOP AT STAPLES….If you’re lucky enough to get your rebates…they will expire before you use them… I think they try to make it NOT EASY to save money…It’s like they’re awarding you a gift, that you should be thankful in receiving but hopefully you will never use… Don’t fall for their crap, SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE… Staples is not cheap and not all that good.

  12. Min

    I bought an HP Laptop that has a $50.00 rebate on Nov. 2011. I submitted my rebate thru’ Staples EasyRebate website and confirmed my submission. After 3 months passed it still show that my rebate is being processed. I called Staples and they say they don’t handle HP rebates and I had to take it up to HP. Later they told me that the data did not migrate to HP server. I had to waste my time again with HP rep asking me to fax them all the particulars to them and wait. Until now, I am still waiting. This is a screw up Staples easyrebates systems. Never buy anything with a third party rebates from Staples.

    1. Anonymous

      It hasn’t changed! Having the exact same problem right now!!

  13. Peter Ray

    Same experience with Staples “easy rebate” this winter. There is absolutely no question in my mind that this is a scam and that Staples executives are having a good laugh about what a small percentage of rebates they actually have to give out. Are you willing to spend 3-4 hours on the phone over a period of 4-8 weeks to get your lousy $8 rebate? They’re betting that you’re not.

  14. C. Wood

    This was a “hoot!” And I am about to submit two separate rebate entries to the same address in El Paso TX. Not looking forward to this ride.

  15. Steve

    I purchased a ream of HP paper, and entered the rebate receipt information on the website. 6 weeks later I find the receipt and decided to check on the rebate. After I logged into the stapleseasyrebate website. The status showed check issued when I selected the paypal option.
    3 hours later, guess what shows up in my paypal account.
    I bet staples hopes you forget about the rebate and only issues it when you check up on the status. I smell fraud.

  16. Anonymous

    Staple’s makes their rebate system very hard to use and when you call their number all you get is recording. There are no humans working at Staples just an annoy computer voice. That’s why can can get a rebate.

  17. Eraserhead

    read this before you make your next purchase at Staples:
    [Deleted link to obnoxious, offensive blog which says far more about the person who publishes it than it does about Staples. – ed.]

  18. maekay

    After reading the above, I feel that Staples is getting a very bad reputation.
    After sending all the information regarding a rebate by Email
    I received a card from them which says:
    Thank you for participating in this promotion. Unfortunately we could not honor your request due to the following reasons
    HP Multipurpose Paper Ream
    . product limit exceeded (clerk told me I could get rebate on 2 pkgs.)
    .All required products were not submitted. Eh? (I just bought two packs.
    and included the sales slip’s required numbers.)
    . Exceeds limit: HP Multipurpose paper ream. (How- when the clerk told me I could buy two and get a rebate on both.)

    I have read the above problems to get rebates back and have resolved that Staples had better get another rebate supplier. Obviously someone is making money on the side. I don’t buy there often, but I will never purchase anything that includes a rebate unless it is at the time of purchase. I really don’t need to be involved with thieves, which is what they are.

    1. Eraserhead

      Staples is a f*#!^$ mess- Read this from a currently employee:
      [Deleted link to obnoxious, offensive blog which says far more about the person who publishes it than it does about Staples. – ed.]

  19. Tom

    I purchased a HP 4500 Printer, copier, fax machine in mid Dec. It jams constantly and doesn’t perform. Took it back to the Staples Store in Spokane and they told me I missed the 2 week return prochedure by a week. Now I have to send it back to your Corp office. But they wouldn’t supply an address for shipping to this office – only an 800 # to call. I called twice last week and after 20 minutes I got caught in the phone tree maze. Finally made contact the next Tuesday and was told I’d receive an e-mail message immediately which would include this super secret address. It hasn’t arrived all day. I’ll never go there again, there’s an Office Depot up the street and I’ll get my paper and office products from them. As far as office equipment, I should have bought this machine at Costco, no hassle, good service, and no phoney Corporate runaround.

    1. Joe

      Staples promotes itself with the easy button and “That was Easy” motto. They should change their motto to “that was a pain in the butt”. I just bought ink for my printer and copy paper with an “easy” rebate. I had to search Google to find the web page and input numbers off bar codes from a 2 foot receipt. “My check for $2.99 should arrive in 4-6 weeks”. The site should read “Please feel feel free to print out the multi colored confirmation using our overpriced ink”. This print out would cost as much as the rebate! The ink cost $53. It will last 2 weeks. I bought a new iphone4 for $49. Staples “we make your life harder and make you pay way too much”. Goodbye Staples. I’m done with your company. Time to learn from Target. They don’t complicate your busy life. You get in & out, Staff is always available. Rain checks are easy.NO REBATES. Circuit City was famous for the REBATES. Look what happened to them. BANKRUPT!

  20. B Andrews

    Horrible story, but I can’t say the same for my Staples store. I actually like going in just to look around. When I look on-line all my business transactions are there all rebates paid promptly. Exchanges no problems and have only had one unpleasant day there and I think the employee was just having a bad day, because she is a very nice person. Every one there are just as helpful and accommodating as possible. You need to move to my town.

  21. susan

    I received a $20 rebate on an item I purchased at Staples about 6 months ago. I’ve tried about 8 times at different stores-supermarkets, retail stores and still have not been able to redeem it. I contacted Staples and even after I tried to redeem it using their very specific method to accomplish that, it still was refused. Obviously, Staples wants recipients to jump thru so many hoops that they will give up -saving them the $20. My next step is to return the original item I purchased and not shop at Staples anymore. Anything they sell I can buy elsewhere and will do that.

  22. Sheri

    Recently received Stapled rebate debit card. Used it at a restaurant only to be told DECLINED!! How embarassing. I never used the darn thing!

  23. Dianna

    Hi, thanks for posting this. Out of the 3 rebates I’ve filled out for Staples, I’ve only received one. One of them shows the check as being cleared, but I never received it… and the other was rejected for exceeding the product limit, which happens not to be true. I’ve already called, and that didn’t really help. I just sent out emails, so hopefully I can get my rebates.

  24. jberry

    trying to get a rebate can be hell, why don’t the stores just deduct the value of the rebate from your purchase? It would make life so much easier 🙁

    1. jik Post author

      They don’t just deduct the rebate at the register, because the entire business model of the rebate scam is predicated on the fact that lots of people who are eligible for rebates never apply for them. And then there are the people who apply for them but don’t notice that they never arrive because the rebate processing companies go out of their way to lose / reject as many rebates as possible for often bogus reasons. And then there are the people who apply for them, notice that they never arrived, try to get the problem rectified, and eventually give up because the rebate processing companies go out of their way to make it difficult to resolve problems (as my story so clearly illustrates).

  25. john

    Gez how did you get it done so fast, once started the run around usually takes a lot longer.

  26. L. A. Jordan

    I was just about to apply for my rebate on line when I saw this report. No thanks. I’m going to do a mail-in, copying everything first.

    This reminds me of the time I ordered a pizza from a major chain and did not look at it before the driver left. It was gray, cold, and no tomato sauce or cheese. It took 5 letters, writing to the president of the company, etc. Finally I received the cost of the pizza, $15 in cash from someone in the field and 5 certificates for pizzas, which I gave away. Customer service may be dead. Ann in St. Paul

  27. Lisa S.

    I haven’t read all the posts, but I do know that I’m also waiting for a rebate from Staples and seem to be getting nowhere. The status of my rebate indicates that a ‘check has been printed and mailed’, yet I requested my rebate in Dec 2008 and it is now 3-20-09 and still no rebate.

  28. Will M.

    Just to reply to Steve Hill,

    The new debit card for rebate procedure works the same as a prepaid debit card does. You have to know the amount that is on the card and the retailer has to enter it as an exact amount. For example… If you walk in to wal-mart with a 25 dollar card and buy 36 dollars worth of items, the walmart cahier would have to input the card as 25 dollars. If ANY amount was used on the card than that amount woould have to be deducted before the amount was entered. This works the same as your checking accounts debit card, where if you had 10 dollars left in te account and a 5 dollar bill, the cashier would have to input 10 dollars for the debit first before entering the 5 dollars cash for a 15 dollar tab. Hope this helps, and this new debit procedure is far superior and is what the majority of consumers asked for from national tests. Not just from Staples.

  29. Ed M.

    It’s time someone did something about all of this. Can I ask anyone who has been burned by Staples’ reward or rebate programs, including the ink cartridge reward program email me at elm@wealthdesign.com I would like to hear your problem and see if I might do something about it.

  30. Steve Hill

    The new version of a Staples scam is to send out a debit card that no merchant will honor. I recently received one and finally pitched in the garbage as it was decline by every vendor I presented it to for a purchase. Staples, what a joke.

  31. Jimbo

    If I am going to take any of you seriously, I am going to need you to spell cartridge correctly, come on people, less complaining and more reading might do some of you well!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Jim N

    Lousy $10 rebate! It was confirmed back on Feb. 6 (Today is July 26), that I would get it within 4-6 weeks.
    Six contacts with them, and still no rebate! I have written the MA Attorney General’s Office with a consumer complaint. They say they can’t act on every complaint, but if they get enough to see a significant pattern, they will take action.
    Read that to mean that everybody with one of these nightmare stories about Staples Easy Rebates should write the MA Attorney General with a consumer complaint. You can get the form online.
    Parago (the contractor doing Staples Easy Rebates) is located in Texas. I think I’ll write the AG there also! This is more that simple incompetence; it is deliberate deception. I expect they charge Staples for every rebate they claim to have mailed. Somebody is embezzling thousands of dollars. It ought to be investigated as a major criminal activity.

  33. j

    i am a staples manager, and i just want to say I hate rebates as much as the next person. however, they are not going away. most of the rebates, even though the check and the form say staples or best buy or another retailer on them do not come from retailer directly. Every customer that has come in with an issue, and i will say thats only about 2% of the rebates that go out the door, i take care of personally through our system. What everyone has to remember is to be patient. rebates no matter if they are sent online or through the mail, take time to process. you are not the only one that has a rebate. there are thousands of rebates being processed at the same time.

    and if you do have a rebate, please make copies of everything you send in. i have customers that come to me 12 months later with a reciept, no proof of a rebate and asks where is my rebate. i can’t help you if i don’t have anything to go on. and please do not come in guns blaring at the manager, the manager is not the one that denied your rebate.

    I also have to say, i have gotten every rebate from every company i have ever sent. Not sure why some people get rejected and others don’t.

  34. jik Post author

    Wow, what an absurd rant.

    You claim to be all about customer service, but you call me a moron and imply that I couldn’t handle the simple task of filling out an online rebate form properly (here’s news for you: I did fill out the form properly).

    You claim to be all about customer service, and yet you describe your customers as “moronic, uneducated, starving for attention.” Here’s a clue for you: If that’s the attitude you have about your customers, it shows.

    What happened to me was an example of outrageously bad customer service, and yet you claim that it was my fault. How, exactly, does that prove your point that retailers nowadays are all about good customer service?

    Apparently to you, customer service means dismissing complaints from customers as “bitching” and insulting customers who complain.

    Rebates are a scam. Rebate processing companies earn more money by paying out fewer rebates, and it has been proven that rebate processing companies intentionally “lose” and “mishandle” rebates to reduce their payout rate. Rebate processing companies have absolutely zero incentive to ensure that rebates are processed correctly and mistakes are corrected promptly when brought to their attention. What happened to me was ample proof of that, and to respond to my fight for justice by calling me names and ranting about how much your Lowe’s store loves customer service is just absurd.

  35. rick

    To anyone who thinks retailers are “stealing” from them,

    Jonathan, I think that you should have paid more attention when filling out the online rebate. Maybe this would have prevented you from looking like a complete moron. As a “big box” retail manager, I know that you could have gone into your local store and calmly discussed the situation with the Store or Operations Manager–they would have given you a $10 instant rebate ON THE SPOT! Maybe there wasn’t such a rush to resolve your customer complaint because of how YOU handled the situation.

    Consumers do NOT beware….Retail companies are finding any and every way to get your business and keep your business. There are enormous leaps and bounds to improve customer service. At one point, the only focus was on merchandising, nothing else. Now it is a worldwide corporate initiative to focus solely on customer service and improving customer satifaction. Keep in mind that this focus is still in an implementation phase. And why is this? Yes, outsourcing is a factor. Now every company, small and big, can compete on the lowest price. Whats left? Promotion, product, distrubution. Look at Lowes and Home Depot…you can buy ATV’s and basketball hoops from Lowe’s. I bet you didnt know that.(By the way, wanna know why Lowe’s is better? Their payroll is on average 1,500 hours more than Depot per week. Thats around 37 more employees in the store. Why is that? To improve customer service. DUHHHHHH!!!!) Anyway, whats left? Promotion and distribution. Walmart perfected distribution and supply chain management. Now every company is benchmarking this. Distribution is out of the picture. Whats left is promotion. This can be looked at in many ways…Promotion of product, promotion of store layout, etc., and most importantly, promotion of customer service! Fiber optics has made this a very flat world. Your taxes may even have the chance to be outsourced to India!!! There are many professionals there with MBA’s and whats their salary? $13,000-$25,000? most likely.

    Ok, I went on a rant….but the most important thing is that retailers that have 1,000+ store, and even the small mom and pop stores, now need the share of your pocket as much as the share of the market. They will do ANYTHING, within reason, to keep their maximized share of the market and keep you as a loyal customer so that they can sell you projects, protection plans, attachments, etc….honestly selling projects and upselling helps the customer too. Would you go to Home Depot and just buy a gallon of paint? They are trained to sell you the project….Why? Let me ask you what the price of gas is per gallon in your area? Here it is $3.70 and projected to be over $4/gallon by Memorial Day. They will sell you the paint brush, paint tape, edgers, paint removers, PRIMER, paint trays, tray liners(best thing to ever buy when painting), and drop cloths. I bet that you didnt know you needed those to make your house look amazing for yourself or for trying to sell it in this crappy market…By the way, interest rates dropped slightly.

    My point is this…..We know, I know, that YOU pay our paychecks. The crappy, uneducated employees do not realize this. They give good people like me a bad name. I try my best, as do many, to prescreen employees and train employees to be what you expect. Keep in mind that firing a retail employee is very hard to do. I’ve ran into an instance where I had a horrible employee and my HR mgr couldn’t do anything because his boss in corporate wouldn’t fire the associate (too many laws protecting employees-which are very good, except when it comes to a bad one that pisses off customers and brings down employee morale.) So, what happened is this kid, over 2 years, was put on 3 final notices. For the best interest of the customers, I found a way to no longer employ this associate before he was an even greater liability to the company.

    We have to deal with a bunch of moronic, uneducated, starving for attention customers. If you are honest, calm, professional, and patient, we will always take care of you. I’m not a 24 year old manager in charge of $30 million in sales a year and another $12 million in long term and short term assets, have one of the highest comps in the division, and have the highest customers satisfaction stores in the division because I am a moron. I think you should take my advice over some person that doesn’t know how you fill out an online rebate form.

    –Yeah, I have incorrect grammar, I incorrectly spell words, I don’t use punctuation in the correct places, I write run on sentences, whatever else. I dont care. I furthered my education in Business and not in being a wannabe middle school English teacher. Criticize me all you want. I know I am right…and I make a whole heck of a lot more money than anyone I graduated college with, and a lot more than a middle school english teacher.

    -and for the people that say bog box retailer dont donate—–hows $5,000 to local school to build a playground and $3,500 to the united way, and $500 to a boy scout for one project, which 5 other small stores wouldn’t give him just in 6 months…that doesnt include how much the employees decide on their own to give out of their paychecks. My wife and I give to the United Way and to save abused animals every 2 weeks right out of our pay.. no saying, “not this week.” it’s a guarentee. people need to be a bit more giving. what Jonathan should have done was donate $1 per day to an oranization for every day it took before he got his $10 rebate. it would have proven a much larger point to the public through media than bitching. you sound like stewey from family guy…”where’s my money man? where’s my money?” humanity has been around since the early existence of humans. where did it go?

  36. Annie

    6 months later I got my $50 rebate – and I guess I was one of the lucky ones! I can’t believe what people have had to go through, and if it weren’t for the large amount I would have quit trying. After the bogus online “status” reports, meaningless emails and phone messages I sent copies of Parago correspondence to Corporate and got a response. At first, they said the check had been rec’d and after a big hassle they said they would cancel and resend when I said I hadn’t gotten it. But miraculously!!! it was cashed the day before the 30 day waiting period to reissue!!! Then the hassle of trying to get a copy of this check – that’s when I sent copies to corporate. The same day they called me I finally got an email with a copy of the “cashed” check – with phony signature and not our bank. In fact, I went to B of A and they said it shouldn’t have been cashed at all, but they couldn’t tell me exactly where. When I didn’t get calls back from Corporate I left a message saying I would contact the District Attorney – that got me my check.

  37. Bheag

    I bought a stapler (Swingline) at Staples only to have it jam on the second staple and every second one after that. I’ve spend hours digging staples out of the guide. When I took the stapler back to Staples at Dorval Drive in Oakville, Ontario on 18 April 2008, I was told they would not replace it because it was more than 30 days since I purchased it.

    So I told the sales girl that if Staples doesn’t care more about my satisfaction, then I will take my business elsewhere. She looked at me as though she couldn’t possibly comprehend what service is nor what a customer might spend over a few years time. So, for the price of a $30 stapler, I’m taking my business to Grand & Toy and will give them the thousands of dollars I might otherwise spend at Staples.

    I can’t believe how incredibly stupid the people who run Staples are.

  38. Brian

    Easy online rebate my ass, bought a cordless mouse and keyboard boxing week due to the $50 easy rebate, funny how after 6 separate phone calls over the last 2 and a half months including the last one where I spoke to a manager who assured me there would be no more errors and everything was fine only to call today to find out my rebate once again had errored out and now I would have to fax them my packing slip, and when I asked top speak to a manager again there were none available , how convenient ! I will never buy anything from Staples again and will tell everyone I know what a a bunch of crooks they are!

  39. hawkeye

    staples information tells you to use the number on the rebate form but actually requires a separate number on the regular receipt. wonder how many people give up when they can’t make the online rebate work because the instructions are incorrect. I’ve had similar problems getting rebated from scandisk bought at office depot.

  40. Zach

    A few years back (~2005), we have purchased a printer cartage with a rebate for a free pack of photo paper. We submitted it “easy”rebates. After fighting them for a few weeks over email, we decided to go to the source (or at least a close to it as you can get) to get our paper. We went into the staples store in which we got the ink cartage. After briefly explaining our story to the store manager, he simply rolled his eyes and said “follow me”. He took us to the isle where the photo paper was and selected five or six different items ranging from $5-$15 each and said “sorry for our rebate issues, you can have these free of charge”. It was nice to see that someone actually cares about there customers. I bet if corporate found out who this was, they would have fired him for that. It’s sad when the location mangers are responsible for the corporate shortcomings.

  41. Thechosenone1357

    I purchased HP computer cartriges at Staples about one year ago. At the time I didnt realize that the cartriges were defective. I had been printing things and it always came out pink. I finally figured out that these were defective and I called Staples and then I went to the store. When I went to the store I told them that there was never any yellow in any of the staples brand cartriges. The man said I needed my reciept and I told him that I bought them over a year ago and I didn’t have my reciept anymore. They could clearly see that the cartriges were Staples brand considering it was printed on the cartrige and the box but he still refused. My solution which I asked him if I could just exchange them for a different brand cartrige and he still refused.
    I can’t believe Staples would do this. I am never shopping there again!


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