Kudos to Intuit

By | September 7, 2006

I use TurboTax to do my taxes every year, and I’m signed up for Intuit’s AutoRenew program, which means that they send me the new version of TurboTax automatically every year when it comes out. I’ve got a credit card on file with them, and they charge the credit card when they ship the software.

A couple of months ago, I got a letter from them notifying me that my credit card was going to expire and I needed to visit their Web site to update the expiration date or provide a new credit card number. I visited the URL in the letter, updated my credit card information, and tried to save it, but the page wouldn’t let me save the information. I tried different browsers on different platforms, with no success. I finally managed to change my information by navigating through various other pages on their site to find a different interface for editing my account details, and on that interface I was able to enter the new credit card and save it.

I then sent them feedback through the form on their Web site, letting them know that the page was broken. To be honest, I expected that they would simply ignore my feedback and the site would stay broken.

Instead, a day later, I got this email message:

Dear Mr. Kamens,

Thank you for your comments of 8/8/06, regarding the inability to update your credit card on our website. You helped us identify there was an issue with the webpage and we have now resolved the problem. I wanted to apologize for the inconvenience you experienced and thank you for taking the time to let us know about it.


[name deleted]

Turbo Tax Customer Advocacy Analyst


Problems happen. It’s how a company responds to a problem that makes a difference. The way Intuit responded to the feedback I sent them was exactly right. I’m quite impressed.

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10 thoughts on “Kudos to Intuit

  1. sue

    I would like to thank 18_josh s for his help with finding out how to file taxes on inherited property I sold. He did a great job of finding out what I needed to know and was very professional and easy understanding person to talk too. Kudo to Josh

  2. sandra wade

    I want to thank Rachel W. so very much for the help on turbo tax.. I have called 2 other times with no sucess.. With Rachael she was fabulous…. She is an asset to turbo tax.

  3. LeRoy Brubaker

    During the latter part of August my wife and I received a K-1 notice for our 2007 partnership interests. This meant fileing Form 1040x for both Federal and State returns. Eva was most helpful in “walking me” thru the Process to prepare these returns. She spent many hours on the phone until the returns were completed. Eva was very patient and quite professional and extremly knowledgeable in the nuances of Turbo Tax software. My hat is off to Eva! Thank you Eva!

  4. Carolyn Olsen

    Dana stayed on the phone with me for nearly and hour until we got the “ghost” number out of the medical expenses form. She consulted her supervisor and tried several different approaches until she got one that worked. She was patient and helpful and didn’t give up. THANKS DANA!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Please thanks Crystal for the help I received from her. She was pleasant and did everything she could to help me with my problem. Although I figured it out myself, I still commend her for her support.

    Thank you, Crystal

  6. Janice Connett

    I had a very long and involved problem with the on-line Turbo Tax program. I couldn’t print out my completed forms, could not view them, and could not efile due to a catch 22 form. It was frustrating to say the least! However, after going through India…where the gentleman was nice but could not help me, he patched me through to a “Joshua” in New York.
    Joshua was upbeat, believed he could get the job done, and so we worked together. He had the patience of Job! For some reason, there were other obstacles, but Joshua had more magic up his sleeve than Merlin. Finally, after a long, but SUCCESSFUL time together on the phone, Joshua got me the “right stuff” to get my tax files saved and printed out.
    Thanks, Joshua…you are one powerful dude!

  7. Joe Metelski

    Russell handled my service call today. He was very courteous and most persistent in resolving my problem. He did. Please thank him for his excellent performance.

  8. Duaine Linton

    I want to commend Mike Meyers for his tech support in todays session. I need to file an amended return. Mike passionately walked me thru generating a new form and also agreed to send me instruction I was not able to print. I recommend him for promotion!!!!!!!!

  9. Kudos to Paolo

    I hope I have the right site – for many Kudos for the young man that was so helful to me in the problems I had printing my return. My system wouldn’t do anything! Not only did everything print, but I even have all the info for Mr. Uncle Sam. He will be so pleased! Thank you, Paolo!

  10. Merril

    I had a cool experience with Boston.com. I had set up some agents to notify me of new real estate listings on Boston.com and deleted some of the agents in the experimentation process. However, some of the deleted agents kept on running. Initially they just disabled my other links thinking that I was a dufus (I’m sure they deal with some). After educating them to the real problem, they tried fixing it but failed and then went back and actually fixed the problem. It took about 3 weeks, but they kept at it until I was happy.

    I wasn’t initially impressed, but became so by their diligence and eventual resolution.


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