It’s hard to be a Harvard or Yale student

By | November 19, 2006

Seen in an article in today’s Herald about the fact that tail-gaters weren’t allowed to carry in their own liquor for the Harvard-Yale game (although people 21 and over were allowed to buy up to five beers):

“Is this not the lamest tailgate?” Ellie Brophy, a 21-year-old Yale junior, complained to her friend.  “You actually have people taking shots in the Port-O-Johns.”

“It’s the most painful experience of my life,” 20-year-old Lindsay Hong replied.  “A lot of people are getting drunk beforehand to sustain them.  And it’s so crowded.”

“There were a lot of parties last night and this morning,” said Kristen Kim, a 20-year-old Harvard sophomore.  “Legal or not, people are going to drink.  So all of the rules are kind of unnecessary.  It’s just annoying.”

If I were Ellie Brophy’s, Lindsay Hong’s or Kristen Kim’s parents, I’d just be so, so proud right now.

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3 thoughts on “It’s hard to be a Harvard or Yale student

  1. jik Post author

    Confused wrote: I don’t really understand how the comments above and whether or not their parents are proud of them have any correlation.

    The first comment above is basically, “This tailgate is lame because Harvard won’t let us get drunk.”

    As for the second, “…the most painful experience of my life”?! How lucky she is that a tailgate party with restricted drinking was the most painful experience of her life! And people getting drunk to “sustain” them? Give me a break! Not to mention the fact that it’s rather suspicious for these kinds of comments to come from someone who wasn’t old enough to legally drink!

    The third comment has the same issue of coming from someone who’s underage, and note how in the comment she posted to my blog, she didn’t say that she doesn’t drink illegally, but rather that she didn’t drink at the tailgate. So here’s someone who clearly participates in illegal underage drinking, complaining that the restrictions put into place by Harvard to prevent illegal drinking were unnecessary!

    There was nothing in the article about the tailgate being crowded, as far as I can recall, and even if there was, that wasn’t the main point of the article or the point of the comments quoted above.

    And I think it’s priceless for you to claim that Harvard’s actions “promoted binge drinking.” If there was binge drinking going on, then it was the fault of the people who were doing the binge drinking, not of Harvard!

    I think your nom de plume pretty much says it all.

  2. Confused

    Huh? The comments above refer to the fact that Harvard’s tailgate was extremely crowded, providing an extremely uncomfortable environment. Additionally the way the university handled the underage drinking problem promoted binge drinking. I don’t really understand how the comments above and whether or not their parents are proud of them have any correlation.

  3. Kristin Kim

    As a matter of fact, my parents are very proud of me; not just for the responsible way in which I handle alcohol (I abstained at the tailgate, thank you) but also for how hard I study and that I have learned to balance my work and play – something that not all college students who drink far more than I do can boast of:


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