Why not to use Toner Wiz

By | June 10, 2007

I recently bought a kit from Toner Wiz for refilling the toner cartridges for my Dell 3000cn printer.  The kit was supposed to come with instructions and a funnel for pouring the toner into the cartridge.

The kit arrived with neither instructions nor funnel.  I sent them email at their support address.  They emailed back the instructions and said they would send a funnel.  They didn’t send it.  I emailed them again and asked again for the funnel.  They never responded.

I discovered later from a Web search that they actually stole the instructions they sent me from a different toner vendor’s Web site.  That vendor published their instructions as a PDF.  The Toner Wiz people took screen shots of the PDF in pieces and pasted them into a Word document.

I do not recommend these folks.

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7 thoughts on “Why not to use Toner Wiz

  1. Ron

    Somehow I was contacted by Tonerwiz support and they sent me four new chips at their cost and they worked perfectly. Thanks, Tonerwiz, for correcting the problem. The problem apparently occurred with the way the chips numbers were matched with my cartridges on the web site.

  2. Ron

    I bought the 4-cartridge set. No problem filling the cartridges. The chips they sent for my HP 2640 printer could not be recognized by the printer. I was extremely cautious in replacing the chips. About $100 wasted. Can’t find any tech support phone numbers or email addresses on their web site. Avoid Tonerwiz!!

  3. Chris

    Tonerwiz has all their instructions manuals posted for free at tonerforums.com.

  4. Curt

    Read this one too late!

    I used TonerWiz. I ordered toner for the Oki c5500. They failed to send instructions, and aren’t replying to my emails for help.

    Does anyone have any resources to help me refill this without breaking anything? Thanks!

  5. Tyler Cole

    I’ll never use Toner Wiz. Come to think of it, their website looks kind of shady, so I probably wouldn’t have used them anyway.

  6. jik Post author

    I think the picture is probably a bit less bleak than you paint it.

    I’ve worked for lots of companies that used remanufactured third-party cartridges for HP printers, and I don’t recall it ever being an issue. As for my Dell printer, I would rather have used a cartridge remanufactured by someone else than filled the toner myself, but no one actually sells remanufactured toner cartridges for the Dell printers; I’m not sure why this is so.

    In any case, although it’s only been a day since I got the refilled black cartridge to work, so far I’m quite satisfied with the results, and in fact I think the toner I filled with might be making an even better impression on the page than the Dell toner was.

  7. John

    Toner refill kits are bad news. Refilled cartridges never give results as good as new ones from the manufacturer.

    Every time I’ve tried to save money by buying OEM cartridges, or using refill kits, I’ve regretted it. And impartial user surveys conducted by magazines over the years also bear this out.


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