Endorsements in Boston City Council race

By | September 11, 2007

Here are my endorsements for the upcoming Boston City Council elections in which I will be voting.

In the At-Large race, John Connolly (http://www.connollyforcouncil.com/) deserves the nod. He ran a good, clean campaign last time around, and came within 1% of the votes needed to win a seat. This time around, his campaign is just as clean and energetic. He clearly knows how to play the political game, which isn’t a bad thing in a job which is all about getting things done.

None of the four other candidates who is not currently on the Council is a serious contender. Of the four candidates who are currently on the Council, one is an anti-Semite, two have made more than their share of bone-headed mistakes, and the fourth has been ineffective and absent from his duties far more than is acceptable.

In the Allston-Brighton district race, Greg Glennon (http://glennonforcouncil.com/) gets my vote. He’s young, yet he has a lot of experience in things that matter. He has detailed, concrete ideas both about the problems that need to be solved in Allston-Brighton and all of Boston, and about how to solve them. There are other good candidates in the race, but I think that Glennon has the best chance of truly representing me and the issues I care about.

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2 thoughts on “Endorsements in Boston City Council race

  1. jik Post author

    I was wondering whether this fall’s election was to fill just one at-large seat or all of them. If only the city’s Elections Department would publish such obviously important information on their Web site, I wouldn’t have to wonder! Thanks for the clarification.

    For Marty Hogan to be a viable candidate in my eyes:

    • His Web site would have to not look like crap in Firefox (I didn’t bother to check whether it looks like crap in other browsers).
    • His Web site would have to not contain obvious grammar and spelling errors on its home page (I didn’t bother to check for such errors elsewhere on the site).
    • I’d like to see some reasonable explanation for why there is a picture of a package of Smarties on his BIO page.
    • He would need to have a list of endorsements that isn’t a complete joke.
    • I would have to agree much more than I do with his proposed remedies to the crisis in our city’s public schools.

    That’s probably not everything, but it’s a good start.

  2. Theresa Clark

    You seem to miss the fact that you get 4 votes for City Council At LArge, not just one, who are your other 3 candidates. What is the likelyhood that Marty Hogan would make the list of your top 4 and what would make him a more viable candidate to you?


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