Is it really so hard to sell a pair of jeans?

By | January 15, 2008

When I need to buy a new pair of jeans, I walk into the store, find a pair of Levi’s with a 34-inch waist and a 30-inch inseam, pay for it, and walk out. Seems simple, right?

So why doesn’t Target sell Levi’s in my size at their Watertown, MA store?

So why doesn’t Target even sell Levi’s in my size on their Web site?

So why is it that when I order two pairs of Levi’s from Sears through their Web site, when the box arrives, neither pair is what I ordered and I have to send them both back?

Where can a guy go to buy a pair of Levi’s without wasting time?


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3 thoughts on “Is it really so hard to sell a pair of jeans?

  1. JonT

    I don’t wear jeans that much (I don’t find them very comfortable), but I’ve noticed the same thing with other kinds of pants. I, too, wear a 30″ inseam (or sometimes even 29″), and I sometimes have trouble finding inseams smaller than 32 (regardless of waist size). Weird — it doesn’t seem (pun intended) that 30″ ought to be such an unusual size.

  2. Adversary

    I too have noticed that it’s getting difficult to find new mens’ jeans with an inseam of less than 32 inches without going to a specialty shop, high-end department store. I’m fairly certain that there are still many men that are as short as I am who buy pants (or would, if we could find them), so it still confuses me a bit as to why it is so difficult to find properly fitting pants. I suppose that they expect others to respond as I have done by getting fed up with the hassle and just rolling up the ankles on a pair of pants that are too tall.


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