Rabbinic irony

By | January 29, 2008

I just saw an announcement for a talk being given tonight in a Boston Jewish venue by a visiting rabbi who shall rename nameless. The title of the talk is, “Self-Righteousness — Going on an Ego Trip”. The announcement of the talk included the following biography of the speaker (emphases mine):

Rabbi [deleted] was born in the U.K. from an illustrious rabbinic family. He studied at the world famous Gateshead Yeshiva in the north of England, and made Aliya to Israel where he received his Smicha in 1979. He joined Israel’s largest Jewish outreach program “Arachim” and is today one its [sic] senior lecturers on Jewish philosophy and ethics. He has lectured on the international circuit in every English speaking country from Hong Kong in the east to Los Angeles in the west. He has also lectured in Brazil and Mexico.

’nuff said.

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