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By | June 20, 2008

I heartily recommend for all your compact appliance needs — wine refrigerators, beverage coolers, ice makers, compact refrigerators, portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, window air conditioners, combo washer dryers, 12 volt travel coolers, and many others. Let me tell you why.

A few days, ago, I decided I wanted to buy a 12 volt travel cooler for our upcoming car trip. I called around and couldn’t find any local stores that sell them, so I researched on-line to figure out which one I wanted, settleing on the Koolatron P-85 Krusader.

Koolatron sells this cooler for $169.99 plus $39.95 for shipping (total: $209.94). I found similar prices at a number of other on-line merchants. Then I discovered CompactAppliance offering it for $143.10 with free shipping. A low, low price is certainly a good start!

CompactAppliance’s Web site said “Usually Ships in 5 – 7 Business Days”, which was no good because we were leaving for our trip in a week. I therefore used their live chat to ask if it was possible to get it shipped out sooner. The agent who helped me, Anthony, told me it was if I paid for expedited shipping, and then asked for my phone number so he could call me to take the order.

While on the phone with me, Anthony called the drop shipper to confirm that the cooler and the two other items I needed could all be shipped the next day. Furthermore, he checked how long they would take to ship, and after doing so informed me that I would not need to pay for expedited shipping because they would arrive in time with the free shipping.

I went ahead and placed the order. The next day, I called to confirm that it had shipped and again spoke to Anthony, who called the drop shipper and got the tracking numbers for me.

This morning all three items arrived on our front porch, right on time.

Anthony could have told me that it wasn’t possible to get the items to me on time. He could have charged me for expedited shipping even though it wasn’t necessary. He could have told me, when I called back to check on the items, that it wasn’t possible for him to get the tracking numbers. Instead of doing any of these things, he did what I wanted and needed him to do at every opportunity. As a result, CompactAppliance made the sale and a loyal customer.

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