Grammar Police on patrol

By | November 21, 2008

For those whom this might amuse:

From: Jonathan Kamens <>
Subject: Typographical error on “Commuter Benefits Order Fulfillment” email

OK, so admit it, I’m ridiculously picky, and this is a ridiculously trivial thing I’m writing to you about.  Still, on the off chance that someone there might care about it…


The “Commuter Benefits Order Fulfillment” email I just got from you reads in part as follows:


Participant Address On File:
street address
City MA, 02XXX


The comma should be after “City“, not after “MA”.  There isn’t supposed to be a comma between the state abbreviation and the ZIP code.


Do what you will with this.




  Jonathan Kamens

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2 thoughts on “Grammar Police on patrol

  1. Christine

    Being picky, how many times have you seen this?

    Your welcome!

    From my boss, a principal of a elementary school.

    Enjoyed Staples story as I am enjoying my own Staples story.


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