Congressman Robert Wexler ignores spam complaint, continues to bombard my inbox

By | January 20, 2010

Last November, I posted on my blog a copy of a letter which I faxed to Congressman Robert Wexler, in which I chastised him for giving my email address (which I gave him when I made a donation to his campaign, so that he could send me a receipt) to another politician’s campaign and demanded that he remove my address from all lists and databases under his control.

A friend, Michael Burstein, commented on that blog entry, “Wexler is a good guy, so I can’t I imagine that he and his staff won’t take steps to fix this. Let us know once he has.”

Alas, my friend was incorrect.  I received no response from Wexler or anyone on his staff, and today, I received another piece of spam at the email address I had given to Wexler, from the campaign of yet another politician, Ted Deutch.  Although the spam came from “”, the letter in it was signed by Congressman Wexler, making it all the more clear that he provided the mailing list to Deutch.

Many are saying that one of the reasons why the Democrats lost yesterday’s special election in Massachusetts is because they are acting like elitist snobs.  I’m not fan of the Republicans and I voted for Coakley yesterday, but I can absolutely understand why people feel that way.  I think there’s a lot of truth to it, and I think that this unrepentant spamming from Wexler is a symptom of it.

Congressman Wexler: What you have to say to me is not so important that you get to say it when I’ve told you to leave me alone.  Your fellow Democratic politicians are not so critical to the future of this country that you get to share my email address with them when I’ve never given you permission and indeed asked you not to.  You are not so high and mighty that you get to ignore my letters to you with impunity.  You, sir, have lost my trust, and you will not soon regain it.

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4 thoughts on “Congressman Robert Wexler ignores spam complaint, continues to bombard my inbox

  1. jik Post author

    Deutch just spammed me again.

    Apparently when his campaign said they would remove me from their list, they lied.


    I sent another complaint, but I don’t expect it to do any good.

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  3. jik Post author

    Got a response from Ted Deutch’s campaign three hours after I sent him my message:

    Dear Mr. Kamens,

    We apologize that your request to have your name removed from the Wexler mailing list was not fulfilled. Our campaign will kindly remove your name from our future mailings, if you have not already chosen to opt out of our emails.

    We appreciate you letting us know.


    Ted Deutch for Congress Campaign

    That’s surely a lot better than Wexler’s (lack of) response! Good for Deutch.

  4. jik Post author

    I just sent this to Ted Deutch through his campaign Web site:

    Senator Deutch,

    I doubt this is the reaction you hoped to provoke with your recent fundraising missive from Congressman Wexler:

    Perhaps you ought to suggest to your friend Wexler that it would be a good idea for him not to spam people who have asked him to stop, nor to give away the email addresses of people who have told him not to.


    Jonathan Kamens

    I don’t actually expect a response, but we’ll see.


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