St. Elizabeth’s apparently faster at responding to complaints than treating patients

By | January 28, 2010

The letter I posted on my blog earlier today was mailed this morning.

My wife received a call from someone at St. Elizabeth’s at 3:15 today: “… I just wanted to let you know that we received your letter and are looking into it….”

My letter obviously didn’t make it through the mail from my house to St. Elizabeth’s in six hours, which means that they saw it on my blog.  A review of my blog’s access logs shows someone at the hospital visiting the page at 1:49pm, a little over three hours after I posted it.  Either someone who reads my blog knows someone at St. Elizabeth’s and forwarded a link to them, or someone at the hospital is actively monitoring the Web for postings about it.

I suppose this wouldn’t be terribly surprising — any large business that isn’t doing that nowadays is run by fools — but I do think it’s somewhat interesting.

I can’t resist the urge to point out that if St. Elizabeth’s has to choose between having enough people on staff to process test results in a timely fashion, and having someone on staff to monitor the Internet for postings about the hospital, I’d rather they choose the former than the latter.

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3 thoughts on “St. Elizabeth’s apparently faster at responding to complaints than treating patients

  1. Art Russell

    Jonathan Kamens……
    Unfortunately I must agree with you. St. Elizabeth Hospital does not hire the most qualified MDs or staff. I just placed a call to John O. Pastore, MD Vice President, Medical Affairs 617-789-3456. He referred me to
    Janet Davis Patient Relations Coordinator 617-789-2040. She will call me tomorrow morning.
    After what my PCP has put me throught since 2007, a phone call or an email IS NOT THE ANSWER. I have doctor who will lie to cover his booty. He will avoid my problems and concerns unless I seek third party involvement. He absolutely will not call or return a call. Even my pharmacist sends me emails and phone calls telling me they have sent faxes and phone calls but receive no response. He thinks he is a slick, smooth, fast talker who can shuck and jive his patients. Well, I do believe he has told me his last lie. A person with his unscrupulous traits must be dealt withby people outside of the hospital. I have a 5 page letter written. It will be cast upon the sea. If I had a website I would post it there. Everyone I can think of will get a registered copy.

    Hope things are working out for you……

  2. jik Post author

    I can see IP addresses, which sometimes tell something about the reader but often don’t.

    I can also see what browser readers use, as well as the page they came from to get to mine.

  3. Rebecca

    wow. I’m curious as to how they finally respond to all of you.
    I also didn’t know you can see who reads your blog, even if they don’t post comments.


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