Advent Tamale in Boston is hiring!

By | February 1, 2010

The Tamale RMS team at Advent Software (NASDAQ:ADVS) in Boston, where I have been happily ensconced for almost three years, is hiring Operations, Quality Assurance, and Software Engineers, Client Services Specialists, and Product Managers.  Advent Tamale is full of great people doing exciting work for demanding clients.

At Advent, we offer competitive compensation and benefits, treat our people well, and strive to be a good corporate citizen.  Furthermore, we successfully weathered the recent economic storm, with no layoffs, and came out of it stronger than before.  I love coming to work every day at Advent!

As a Tamale Operations Engineer, you will play a critical role in the development and support of Tamale RMS. Your responsibilities will include release engineering; development and maintenance of the Linux-based RMS appliance platform; tier-2 support for RMS appliances at client sites; and development and maintenance of the mission-critical, 24×7 “Tamale Central” hosted environment.  Your many and varied responsibilities will guarantee a wide variety of challenging, exciting work with plenty of opportunity for learning new skills and technologies.

As a Tamale QA Engineer, you will help make each new RMS release faster, more stable and more reliable than the one before.  A commitment to quality infuses our entire engineering process, from our tens of thousands of unit tests to our ongoing effort to implement automated end-to-end testing of the entire RMS application.  You will work closely with our developers to define, implement and execute comprehensive test suites for new and existing functionality.  The depth and breadth of RMS knowledge you acquire will make you well-suited for other roles at Tamale, if any pique your interest.

As a Tamale Software Engineer, you will design and develop software for some of the world’s most demanding customers.  With our client-focused, streamlined development process and revolutionary application deployment framework, your code will be in front of users practically before the bits have had time to dry.  You’ll be part of a team of brilliant, enthusiastic engineers who delight in hashing out hard problems, love writing good code, and enjoy going out for beer after work.  With ample opportunity to work directly with clients and take the lead on major projects, career growth isn’t merely possible; it’s unavoidable.

Speaking of the world’s most demanding customers… Developing software that makes them happy is hard, but keeping them happy and productive with the software on a day-to-day basis is even harder.  As a Tamale Client Services Specialist, you will deploy and maintain Tamale’s software at client sites all over the world, build long-term relationships with local and remote clients, and often achieve that particular job satisfaction that comes only from delighting a customer.

Some people think building software is the bee’s knees, but others think it’s more fun to tell the programmers what to build.  As a Tamale Product Manager, you will work with our customers, sales team, development team and senior management to design new products and features and validate your designs through direct interaction with clients and prospects.  In addition, you’ll manage the rollout of RMS at new, strategic clients, leading cross-functional teams to define workflows and requirements, design and implement custom solutions, and train and enable users for maximum success and productivity.

If Advent Tamale sounds like the kind of place where you’d fit right in and still stand out, visit our Web site to find out more about our available openings, or contact me for additional information.

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