Spamming from Robert Wexler continues, this time via Scott Maddox

By | May 18, 2010

Yet another chapter in the saga of the political spam I can’t seem to put a stop to, courtesy of ex-Congressman Robert Wexler.  I’ve just been spammed by Scott Maddox, who is running for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services.  Like I care!

Here’s the letter I’ve just sent Maddox:

Dear Mr. Maddox,

You got my email address, either directly or indirectly, from Robert Wexler. I gave him this address in 2008 when I donated to his campaign.

I have asked him and his office staff REPEATEDLY since then to stop spamming me and stop giving my email address to other people. He and his staff have completely ignored me.

Now, I can no longer ask him or his staff, because he has resigned and his Congressional staff has been disbanded.

I am writing to ask you:

1. Please remove my email address, [elided], permanently and completely from your database.

2. Please tell me from whom, exactly, you got my email address and how, exactly, I can contact them, so that I can do my best to stop them from giving my address to anyone else.

It is SHAMEFUL that you and your fellow politicians are still batting around my email address, like bullies taking away a kid’s toy and throwing it around despite his repeated requests, “Give it back!” What is WRONG with you people?


Jonathan Kamens

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