FedEx couriers gone wild

By | December 6, 2010

I posted on November 2 about FedEx attempting three times in a row to deliver a shipment to our house which turned out to be intended for (and addressed to) one of our neighbors, and then when their error was discovered refusing to redeliver the shipment to the correct address. Here’s the end of the story…

The actual recipient of the shipment spent hours arguing with FedEx on the phone. The people with whom she spoke acknowledged the absurdity of the situation but repeatedly insisted that there was nothing they could do about it.

Finally, someone at FedEx agreed to deliver the shipment to her house “unofficially.” He brought it to her house late at night, out of uniform, in his own car. She told me she was so scared by the situation that she notified several friends and family members of what was going on, just in case something happened to her when the FedEx guy showed up.

According to my neighbor, the two boxes holding the shipment were in perfect condition when they were sent. When they were delivered, however, one of them was “completely destroyed” and had new tape all over it, obviously added by FedEx, holding it together. since the shipment contained a bunch of random stuff that my neighbor’s mother had shipped to her from home, neither she nor her mother was certain of exactly what was in it, so they can’t be sure nothing was lost when the box was destroyed by FedEx.

I am planning on sending a link to this blog entry to FedEx’s Executive Services office and asking them whether this incident reflects the level of service FedEx aims for. I will post any response I receive.

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