Sounds like theft to me

By | January 10, 2011

Letter I sent to the Herald this morning:

To the editor:

Wellesley Parking Clerk Bonita Legassie dispatched a parking attendant with a handheld computer Legassie knew was broken (“Driver finds survey ticket a wrong turn”, Jan.10). The broken handheld issued parking citations which Legassie knew were bogus. Legassie did nothing to dismiss the bogus citations, even though handling problems like this is her job. Even now, when the problem has been discovered by the public and reported in the newspaper, Legassie hasn’t dismissed the bogus citations, notified the victims, and refunded those who’ve already paid them.

Last time I checked, knowingly taking people’s property on false pretenses is criminal theft. Is the district attorney investigating? Is the Board of Selectmen looking for a new parking clerk?

Jonathan Kamens

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