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By | March 14, 2012

Apparently, enough people have linked to my complaint about the abuse my family received at the hands of US Airways that it is now the first match that comes up when someone googles for “CEO of USAir”.

Many people are doing that because they want to complaint to US Airways themselves but don’t know how to do it. A reader of my blog suggested that I post the details to make it easier for others to send complaints to the airline. That seems like a good idea, so here you go…

The specific steps needed to find out this information vary slightly from corporation to corporation, but overall they are the same. The basic idea is to use the company’s own web site to find out who is senior officers are, and then to use its SEC filings to find out the address to which you should send letters to those officers.

For example, for US Airways, which is fairly typical, here is what you would do:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Company info” at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on “Investor relations”.
  4. Click on “Corporate governance”.
  5. Click on “Management”. This will bring you to a page which lists the following officers of the corporation (as of March 14, 2012; you may want to check to see if they have changed), from whom you can choose to whom to send your complaint:
    Doug Parker, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Scott Kirby, President
    Elise Eberwein, Executive Vice President, People, Communications and Public Affairs
    Robert Isom, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
    Steve Johnson, Executive Vice President, Corporate and Government Affairs
    Derek Kerr, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
    Suzanne Boda, Senior Vice President, Airport Customer Service, International and Cargo
    Ed Bular, Senior Vice President, Flight Operations/Inflight
    Keith Bush, Senior Vice President – Finance
    Kerry Hester, Senior Vice President, Operations Planning and Support
    Brad Jensen, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer
    Andrew Nocella, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Planning
    David Seymour, Senior Vice President, Technical Operations
    Hector Adler, Vice President, InFlight Services
    Kevin Brickner, Vice President, Technical Services
    Mike Carreon, Vice President, Controller
    Tom Chapman, Vice President, Government Affairs
    Todd Christy, Vice President, Business Technology
    Robert Ciminelli, Vice President, Philadelphia Operations
    David Endicott, Vice President, IT Infrastructure
    Dion Flannery, Vice President/President, Express Operations
    Paul Galleberg, Vice President, Legal Affairs
    Madeleine Gray, Vice President, Business Technology Delivery
    Al Hemenway, Vice President, Labor Relations
    Lyle Hogg, Vice President – Flight Operations
    Paul Jones, Vice President, Legal Affairs
    Howard Kass, Vice President, Legal Affairs
    Tim Lindeman, Vice President, Reservations
    Bob Maloney, Vice President, Operations Control Center and Air Traffic Control
    John McDonald, Vice President, Corporate Communications
    Mike Minerva, Vice President, Corporate Real Estate
    Paul Morell, Vice President, Safety and Regulatory Compliance
    Donna Paladini, Vice President, Customer Service and Operations Support
    Terri Pope, Vice President, Charlotte Operations
    Ryan Price, Vice President, Human Resources
    Tom Trenga, Vice President, Revenue Management
    Tom Weir, Vice President, Treasurer
    Stephen R. Farrow, President and CEO, Piedmont Airlines, Inc.
    Keith D. Houk, President and CEO, PSA Airlines, Inc.
    Caroline Ray, Corporate Secretary
  6. Go back to the “Investor relations” page and click on “SEC filings”.
  7. View the most recent “10-K” form.
  8. You will find the corporation’s current “official” address on the first page of the form. As of March 14, 2012, it’s “1111 West Rio Salado Parkway, Tempe, Arizona 85281“. You can write to all of the corporate officers at that address; your letter will be forwarded if they don’t actually work in that office.
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15 thoughts on “How to complain to US Airways

  1. ibrahim igrek

    i was travelling yesterday from london terminal 3 with us airways . my thought about it i will never ever travel with them or with amrican airlines never ever. cabin crews are carp no respect to their customers . food is sucks.i bloody pay for my ticket $1410 in return i got no service not so ever ………i think they may thinking to fuck the customers as they wish to but in my case i will never again put myself in that position !. i really dont know if anyone gone train their cabin crews to teach them how to treat their customers or mAYBE HERE in AMERICA they dont care about people as i seen than they may be showing some sensitivity to their customers as im the business owner which i know what im talking about ! as a result american airlines they lost me as a customer and hope they they can change their attitude to know how to respect their customers ! if they want to learn they can look at british airways to leran from them how they care about their customers………….

  2. Mike

    Just another corporate company that LIES… If their selling you something like a Flight, a Product, anything.
    Its about trying to get you to buy. Once you bought something from them, make sure your protected. It always
    ends up the consumer losing out on the deal. I’m not going to burden you with my experience but by reading
    everyone else’s complaints, I see corporate company’s are just trying to access your accounts in order for them
    to stay alive and not close their doors. (If you want to work for this airline screw the customer or you don’t have a job anymore). That’s what Corporate America is all about. This airline actually made me spend double the amount of money on my excursion due to negligence by workers ( just at the counter). The thing is my tickets were purchased from Orbitz which throws the blame on the airlines. Now they play the finger pointing game back and forth. Enough of this I’m getting a headache, just protect yourselves with Visa’s, MasterCard, Discover cards so you can get refunded. Signed, I learned my lesson, until the next scammer.. haha

  3. Jarrod Hockenbury

    Phoenix by 8:10 which they came on the speaker and said everybody disregard the change and proceed to our original flight of 483 into Ft Lauderdale landing at 4:00pm. My wife is disabled and we could not run but thankfully someone at Phoenix Airport wheeled her to the gate. There was just enough time for me to call and verify that my bags would would make the tight connection because there are aparatus’ in our luggage for my wife to be able to sleep. They assured me that it would be fine. We land in Ft Lauderdale at our original time where I could have made my original business meeting but my bags were not so I had to reschedule yet again for a breakfast meeting in Key Largo where my associate lives since they drove up to Miami to meet us. My bags arrived in Ft Lauderdale at 8:00pm and around 10:00pm I called because they had not arrived at my hotel, just to be greeted by a snarky baggage claim lady who said we had to give them up to 6 hours. At midnight I called US Airways customer service and she at least refunded my baggage fees. But I am sitting here at 2:00am and still no bags with an 9:00 am breakfast meeting that I have to drive down to an hour away. With no clothes and a disabled wife that is going to only get maybe 3 hour of sleep. I am going to tell everyone I know about this service I am going to copy this and put it on ripoff report, Facebook, twitter and every other social media. I am only 45 mins from the airport I could have and would have driven back up there to get it the first lady would not have promised me that it would be here by 10:00. What a horrible airline. I expect some compensation or my lawyers will be in touch with you form the very least my wife’s discomfort and for her disability not to mention the potential millionaire dollar business meeting I may have to reschedule and have to take my wife to the hospital instead because she has a seizure disorder that so brought on by lack of sleep and stress….oops 2:15 still no bags…My bags finally were dropped off sometime between 5:30 and 7:00 but the driver just left them at the front desk at Courtyard. I came down for business trip which included going diving with a client on his boat but since we did not get acknowledgement of our bags until 8:00am we had to reschedule and that turned out to not happen because weather became to rough. To top things off my two regulator sets to dive with were not in my bags. These are worth atleast $560 a piece. I expect some form of compensation immediately. I will run with this to local media. I have a friend that is related to one of the big anchor guys on cnn and he has already said that my whole trip is worth telling everyone about so they can stop this poor service. On the 9th of July I get a phone call from some in baggage resolution as I am on my way home since we cut our trip short because the stress and late medical care from what was in luggage sent her into major Lupus flare-up, anyway the resolution person told me that I have to go to the US Airways counter in Ft Lauderdale to pick up a form. I was already heading back to my home town in Utah because the first lady I spoke with in customer service gave me a claim ticket number and said all I needed to do now was call the baggage resolution office. Now this clown is telling me I have to file at the baggage claim department where it was lost and the service agent was rude in the first place. If my wife’s flare-up gets worse she will be in hospital for a week and I have a lawyer friend said no problem pinning this on them. Right now I want my Scuba regulators replaced but if they don’t act quickly I am going to ask for replacement of my whole trip. Right more later.

  4. Doug

    This is classic.
    • My wife and I spent $5,500 for 6 full-fare First Class tickets to fly from Philadelphia to Seattle in August 2012. While that’s a complete extravagance, we were visiting family there and thought this might be a once in a lifetime thrill for the kids to fly first class.

    • In First Class you get drinks served while others board. That was the case here as US Air fed the guy next to me 2 drinks while we waited to take off…and another drink or two shortly after that. It became apparent pretty quickly that this guy was trashed – and he became belligerent when the attendant finally realized it and tried to cut him off. The drunk passenger stayed in his seat but was threatening toward the attendant and whenever the attendant would enter the first class cabin, the guy had something to say to him.

    • So, an hour into our “dream flight”, the attendant actually asked if our kids were “with us” and suggested that we be prepared to take them to the back of the plane if things got out of hand!
    THEN the flight attendant called me forward to where he was making coffee (hiding behind the partition) and asked me if I could help subdue the drunken passenger should things escalate and he needed help!! Unbelievable right?
    • Finally, another hour later while the drunk was in the forward lavatory, an attendant from the back of the plane told the guy’s wife (also a bit buzzed) that if the drunk didn’t chill out, there were military personnel in the back of the plane that would physically restrain him. So, 2 ½ – 3 hours into the flight the guy pretty finally calms enough to pass out.

    Nonetheless, I made the 6 hour trip, on-edge, unbuckled & ready to assist lest the drunk decide to start a fight and the plane goes down! The entire time we we watched over 3 kids who knew something was wrong because you could cut the tension with the knife. Nice dream flight, huh? $5,500 well spent.
    I even gave my card at the end of the flight to the attendant and told him that if he needed someone to corroborate that this guy was drunk & belligerent, that’s I’d be happy to assist.
    • NOW, comes the worst part: US AIR DOESN’T CARE A BIT. We began reaching out to them to US AIR that day and have tried ever since. For months they ignored my wife and recently I said I’d follow up.
    Never have they shown genuine concern or empathy… All they do is ask why the flight wasn’t landed if it was so bad? Or question where I heard the marshalls were sitting. Or talk about the fact that they “must have responded” in a reasonable way because “it’s their policy” and it couldn’t have happened otherwise.
    • After months of non-response to my wife, I talked to a customer service supervisor who directly doubted that the incident took place. From the list of contacts above, I reached out to Donna Paladini’s office (Vice President Customer Service and Operations Support) asking her to call me to discuss a refund, an upgrade – or just an understanding that this situation sucked and that US Air actually cares. Rather than responds, she had a customer service rep call my wife the next day saying, “US Airways is not responsible for the behavior of their passengers and that they won’t offer any consideration because they treat all their passengers the same”. (Funny, that policy didn’t seem the case when they asked me to be prepared to help subdue a drunk that they plied with drinks, or when they told my wife she may need to scuttle our children to the back of the plane).

    • From that response, I called Elise Eberwein’s office (Executive Vice President, People Communications and Public Affairs). I left another message detailing the event and asking for consideration in an upgrade – *or at the very least: a meaningful recognition that this happened, acknowledgement that they cared and took the situation seriously, appreciated that we spent $5,500 of our hard-earned money on that flight and wanted us to fly with them again. The result? I got a call from another customer service rep who said she understood that it would have been stressful but that they’d responded as fully as they were going to do – with emails to my wife that neither of us can seem to find.

    • US Air says the guy couldn’t have been drunk because their flight attendant says he didn’t serve the guy – but we watched him get served and US Air was a part of it.
    It seems to me that they’re not addressing it because they may see they’re partly at fault and they fear any real acknowledgement leads to accountability. Either that, or they just don’t give a crap.
    • I’m not sure how any of this matters to anyone else. We won’t fly US Air again. I have 75,000 frequent flyer miles that will die and my wife is a Silver Preferred member. The flight earned with miles isn’t worth the principle of supporting a company that doesn’t do good business. It’s one thing to lose a bag, deal with delay or even to pay for a pillow on a flight (what’s next, pay-for–potty?), but this is another thing altogether. They took our money, had a part in a terrible incident – and refuse to make it right. We won’t support a company that flagrantly, willfully and arrogantly turns it’s back on customers. I thought other might want to know of our experience and could make whatever decisions make sense for them.

  5. Never again

    I have traveled with my one cat more times than I can count and never had a problem. This time I have to go to Albany instead of the usual which is ok since we have done it before. I got a kitten not too long ago that’s just under a year old. My way home from myrtle beach to Albany I fly United, I called and paid over the phone for my 2 pets (was told to put them in 1 carrier and I will be fine) and they were great!

    My way back I travel US Air so I called them next to book my pets, the woman was very rude. She first told me that as long as one of the cats is under a year old Its fine and asked their weights, (I said 12lbs and 6lbs and she said that was ok) Then she told me I couldn’t make a reservation and pay for them over the phone I would have to show up at the airport and pretty much hope they will let me take them home…. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! especially when it says on the site to call and make reservations? So when I told her that, she then told me very rudely that both cats have to be from the same mom?!? Where did this come from? I’m sure no one that has traveled with two pets before were from the same exact litter. I was then told to get a refund from United by US Air?

    I’m about to waste over $600 and change my ticket to something more pet friendly and never travel US Air again! Also I work with a travel company that’s located all down the eastern coast from Maine to LA to FL (and in between) also to the Bahamas/Caribbean, I can make sure people hear about this. After all the money we pay to travel with a pet we should be treated like first class, I am very upset as this was handled horribly by your staff.

    As you can tell I’m very frustrated as I have never had problems like this before and I travel over 5 times a year by plane. I don’t want to waste money and time on a company that will not work with me at all when United gave me no problems, and its the same ticket! how can the rules change so drastically between flights when the tickets are a round trip buy? I’m lost as to who to contact to figure out my next step.

  6. Anonymous

    In short, my partner purchased 2 round trip tickets with the wrong departure date but the correct return date. So in order to avoid costly changes, I purchased two additional one-way departure tickets on the correct date. In the interest to avoiding and any confusion and leaving US Airways with empty seats that might have been available to someone else, I called customer service to inform them that I would only be using the return flights on the original ticket. No change necessary, just leave as it is or give the original departure tickets to another customer possibly on stand-by.
    I tried my best to make it clear that I didn’t want to change or cancel anything at all. I just let them know that I bought an extra set of tickets on the correct date (giving US Airway more money in their pockets). But I would still be using the second leg of our return trip. No changes. No cancellations. But this meant nothing. My original flight which still stood and remained paid for would be cancelled, leaving us with no way home and all the money pocketed by US Airways. So even though I purchased additional tickets already I had to pay another, additional $300 ($150 per ticket) in order to make changes which I didn’t need.
    Is this a poorly design policy or a well thought-out “policy” designed to extract more cash from loyal customers. I have now spent twice the cost of the original ticket just so I wouldn’t be stranded at my destination.
    If US Airway will compensate me with a refund or a flight voucher for these unnecessary, straightjacketing overcharges I will leave the matter here and be wiser and more cautious when dealing with US Airways when necessary. If no refund or compensation is forthcoming I will send a copy of this letter to the Department of Transportation, the Better Business Bureau and any blog or online service that is concerned with unfair business practices of the airlines.

  7. Virginia Loewe

    I have resolved never again to use US Air. In order to use a “frequent flyer” reward I had to pay over $300 in fees and for the only seats available on the flight because those seats are now designated to be seats you have to pay for. I guess there is no Standing Room Only. This is so outrageous. What a rip off!

  8. Alison Osborn

    So has there ever been a favorable outcome or even a response when a letter was sent to US Air Corporate? I was told today by
    Alexander Alpe
    Representative, Customer Relations
    US Airways Corporate Office

    That, “all letters sent to even the president are forwarded unopen to him”

  9. A Kilptrick

    Just give US Air one chance to make it right.

    Chances are, 99% of the time they will just blow the customer off.

    If you charged your fare, then contact the credit card company. Discover Card simply gave us a full credit on our account, until we told them that US Air agreed to allow a responsible compensation amount for dumping us off a long way from our destination and letting us find our own way to the Caribbean Island that their ticket said they were taking us to. God Bless Discover!

  10. William J. Stewart

    We are in the midst of a very stressful transition, moving across the country from Charleston, SC to Portland, OR, in order to access better educational and therapeutic resources for our daughter Camille, who has Cerebral Palsy.

    One of US Airways’ gate agents, Connie Owens, took it upon herself this morning to make our travel even more difficult, stressful, and inconvenient. I do not have sufficient words to express my absolute disgust and disappointment with Ms Owens’ lack of compassion, flexibility and courtesy.

    We have flown with our daughter many times in the past eight years, usually taking US Airways because their crews have been unfailingly helpful, sympathetic and courteous. Until now.

    Follow me below the orange clouds for the gory details . . .

    Camille is now twelve years old, nearly 100 pounds, and almost five feet tall. She is non-ambulatory, non-verbal, has autistic-like sensitivities, and often will require one or more diaper changes on a long flight. Consequently, we always sit as close to the back of the plane as possible, as she is much too large to change in the tiny bathroom, and past flight crews have been very accommodating in arranging to either block off the aisle, screen off the last row of seats, or allow us to use the floor of the galley when everything is locked down after service.

    We were explaining this to the flight crew and Ms Owens when she took it upon herself to insist that that absolutely could not be done, that we were only allowed to change Camille in the bathroom, which is physically impossible, and to aggressively verbally berate my wife Christina over wanting to make some arrangement so that we could get to our destination with a minimum of discomfort and inconvenience to ourselves and our fellow passengers.

    Her aggression set off our daughter into a loud and prolonged screaming fit. Rather than wait for the meltdown to pass, or to back off and give us a chance to calm our daughter, Ms Owens immediately contacted security to have us removed from the plane, which was unnecessary, humiliating, and a tremendous inconvenience.

    The security manager, Mike, was extremely kind, courteous and helpful as he assisted us from the plane, and consequently rebooked our flights for tomorrow, and set us up at a hotel near the airport. Nonetheless, this has made a difficult and stressful trip even more so, and has caused us to have to scramble to rearrange things at our point of arrival.

    We are also stuck in a hotel without most of our luggage and some of our prescriptions. This has been, overall, a horrible experience, and certainly will make us think twice before flying US Airways or its affiliates again. In addition, I cannot imagine that Ms Owens’ actions were in any way acceptible per the ADA.

    I attempted to call to make and resolve this complaint, but the agent and supervisor I spoke with insisted that it could only be addressed through a web form, promising contact in one to three business days, which is infuriating.

    On the positive side, Yvonne J, another gate agent, was tremendously helpful and compassionate. We also received assistance from an airport maintenance man, whose name I did not catch, in replacing a bolt on the wheelchair that broke as we were bringing it up the gangway.

    Special needs flyers and parents – have you had similar experiences? Advice? Insights? How do I get people to treat my child like a human being?

  11. Hate usairways

    Horrible company cancelled due to maintenance my flight and flew me all over to get to my destination and wouldn’t even give me a food voucher after spending a day in the airport. No customer service, probably since they couldn’t hire enough people to handle all the complaints!

  12. Tiffany

    I too have had it with US Airways. The funny,not so funny , part is I never even boarded my flight. My experience mirrors the others posted here as well. The same issue with the change fees and if I did not take their outbound flight my Delta return would not be valid.
    I needed to leave early but did not want to pay a change fee larger than my original ticket. I tried to purchase a one way outbound ticket on their airline but of course not a possible solution. I had to pay their exorbitant change fee or purchase a new ticket.
    After reading all the complaints I was insure I would make my 30 minute connection. I opted to junk my ticket and forfit

    1. Tiffany

      Forfit the torture. I bought a new ticket on another airline and felt it was well worth my peace of mind.

  13. Corinne Garrett

    On Christmas Day last year I flew alone because my husband was in ICU in a coma. The gate agent questioned where my ticketed spouse was & when I told him, he assured me I could get a credit for the ticket. When I tried to use the credit for another trip, I was told – even though I was the purchaser of record, that since his name was on the ticket, he was the only one that could use it. The ticket was worth $280 & the penalty to use it is $175, plus any difference in currently published fares, which is outrageous. No one answers the phone at the number they called me from to discuss this and there is no voice mail pickup. Emails got polite replies that blew me off. I will NEVER fly US Air again, & there are a bundle of cheaper fares out there for the flight I need now with other providers. Lousy corporate ethic. Miserable grasping greedy people who promptly re-sold the seat on Christmas Day 2011 to some desperate soul who was unable to buy passage in enough advance & no doubt paid TRIPLE for the privilege that day.

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