CGI script for RSS feed of comments on Hacker News posting

By | January 24, 2013

Perhaps I just don’t grok the zen of Hacker News, but I just don’t get why the site doesn’t provide RSS feeds of comments on postings.

I also don’t get why nobody has written something to provide this. Or, at least, if it has been written, I couldn’t find it (perhaps my Google mojo just isn’t high enough). gets part of the way there, but it’s an API, not an RSS feed, and it’s broken and has been for quite a while.

So I wrote a script to generate such a feed.

You can see it in action at (which I will have to remove if there is so much interest in this Show HN that people clicking on the link overwhelms my tiny little VPS).

(If you want to comment about this, please do on the Hacker News posting about it rather than here.)


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