Dear Radio Shack, Please don’t suck so much.

By | July 12, 2013

Dear Radio Shack,

I understand that there are overhead costs associated with being a brick-and-mortar store that on-line retailers don’t have. I also understand that it’s reasonable to pay a premium to acquire a product immediately rather than waiting several days for delivery.

So I could understand if I had paid a bit more for that 1/2AA battery I bought from you this morning than I would have if I’d bought it on-line.

A bit more… but not more than 300% more.

You charged me $19.99 for that battery. I couldn’t find a single merchant on Amazon selling it for more than $5.00. I’d have to be a lot more desperate than I am to think it’s OK to pay a >300% markup just to get something now instead of on Monday.

So yeah, I just bought the battery on-line (four of them, in fact, for less than what you charged me for one), and I’ll be returning the one you sold me when I walk by your store on the way home from work.


A customer who remembers the days when you didn’t suck so much


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