Dear Massachusetts RMV: little things make a big difference

By | March 8, 2016

Dear Massachusetts RMV,

Now that our daughter is a teenager and about to leave for college, my wife and I are encouraging her to take more responsibility for the things that grown-ups need to deal with in the world. And thus, today, she got to experience your incompetence first-hand, and waste her time — and mine, and my wife’s — as a result.

Here’s what my daughter saw when she looked on your web site to find out when she could take the learner’s permit exam at the Watertown RMV:


“I guess that means I can go to the RMV at 4:30 p.m.,” my daughter said to herself, as any reasonable person would, and made the arrangements for my wife to drop her off there on the way to an appointment, and for me to leave early from work to meet her there and sign the paperwork*.

Nope! Good job fooling her! Here’s what a person would see if she just happened to click on the “Services” tab, which she probably wouldn’t bother to do if she already knew that the Watertown branch was a full-service RMV, which the map right above shows that it is:


Yes, that’s right. The “Hours” listed on the main page for the RMV doesn’t actually list all the hours for the RMV.

Here, let me fix that for you:


Hope this helps.


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One thought on “Dear Massachusetts RMV: little things make a big difference

  1. Ghost

    You are also missing the part where that branch of the RMV frequently has a 2+ hour line, and closes services at closing time. The published numbers for wait time do not include the sometimes half hour+ wait in the line to be allowed to get in line. So if she wants to get a test done that is only given until 3pm, she probably wants to show up around noon at the latest.


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