Comics aggregator now uses SSL, new URL

By | October 18, 2016

As of September 24, the comics aggregator now carries all traffic securely over SSL, courtesy of Let’s Encrypt.

The URL of the aggregator has changed to

Bookmarks with the old URL (i.e., with “http” instead of “https”, or “” instead of “” will continue to work for now. However, “http” URLs require to trips to the server instead of one, and the old “” host name may go away at some point, so I recommend updating your bookmarks to start with “”, leaving the rest of the URL unmodified.

As always, please email me if there are any comics or columnists missing that you’d like me to add, and I’ll see what I can do, as time permits.

Also, remember that if you would like to read Comics Kingdom comics through the aggregator, you need to pay them for a membership. After you’ve done that, email me and I’ll explain how to activate your Comics Kingdom subscription in the aggregator.

Finally, if you use the aggregator, consider making a donation to help me cover the hosting costs.

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