Endorsements: Massachusetts 2018 Democratic primary

By | August 28, 2018

Here are my endorsements in the 2018 Massachusetts Democratic primary.

Some of these endorsements are not state-wide so you may have different candidates on your ballot.

I am not bothering to list endorsements for candidates who are running unopposed.

Note that in two of these races (Representative in Congress, Councillor), there is no Republican candidate, which means in practice that the winner of the primary will win the November election and take office. This is probably true in other wards and precincts as well. This is one of the many reasons why all elections matter, not just the presidential elections in November every four years. PLEASE VOTE.

For Governor, JAY M. GONZALEZ. Either Gonzalez and Massie would be far better than the current occupier of the corner office, and I will happily vote for either of them in the November election. However, Gonzalez has a great deal more experience in government, and that matters.

For Lieutenant Governor, QUENTIN PALFREY. Palfrey is by far the more qualified of the two candidates. I think it’s true that Jimmy Tingle is more likely to attract disaffected and centrist voters, and that’s important, and it’s also true that the position of Lt. Governor in Massachusetts does not have a lot of official responsibility and one could therefore argue that attracting voters its most important job. However, given all that is going on in this country nowadays, I don’t think we’re going to have any trouble attracting Democrats to the polls this November. Furthermore, even though the position of Lt. Governor does not have a lot of official responsibility, when the person in the position is strong they can do a great deal of good.

For Secretary of State, JOSH ZAKIM. William Galvin has been phoning it in for years. Now that he has a serious competitor he is suddenly all over the airwaves bragging about what he’s been doing about the issues (he thinks) people care about, but it’s too little too late, and he’s still not addressing a lot of important issues, such as his office’s terrible oversight of the Massachusetts public records law. It’s time for new blood with new ideas in this position.

For Representative in Congress (seventh district), MICHAEL E. CAPUANO. Capuano has been a reliable, effective progressive voice in Congress. Seniority matters in Congress, and the differences in policy and approach between Capuano and Pressley do not come close to justifying giving up Capuano’s seniority. Furthermore, Pressley has shown a lack of understanding of “how the sausage is made;” for example, she said during a recent debate that she would have voted against the Affordable Care Act because it didn’t go far enough. Finally, I think Capuano’s views on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict are more realistic and likely to bring the region closer to peace than Pressley’s.

For Councillor (third district), NICK CARTER. Devaney’s tenure on the Governor’s Council has been extremely problematic for reasons I’m not going to get into here, but you can learn more about easily with a bit of research. She has never had the support of a majority of voters in the district, but there have been more than two candidates in every election she has run in, and the other candidates have split the vote, thus allowing her to continue winning. In this election, however, she has only one opponent, and it is time for her to go.

For District Attorney (Suffolk district), RACHAEL S. ROLLINS. Rollins has the most endorsements and the most endorsements that matter of any candidate, including the endorsement of State Senator Will Brownsberger, who is a reliable progressive voice and whom I trust implicitly. She has the necessary experience to do the job, and I agree strongly with the policies and approaches she espouses.

For Clerk of Superior Court (Civil Business) (Suffolk county), KERBY ROBERSON. Roberson is eminently qualified for the position, and it’s long past time for new blood here. Incumbent Michael Donovan insults the electorate by taking his position so much for granted that he doesn’t even have a campaign web site. Donovan’s most frequent, strongest campaign talking point, that he is a “lifelong resident of South Boston,” is a clear dog whistle aimed at people who want our city to continue to be governed by old white men.

For Register of Deeds (Suffolk district), STEPHEN J. MURPHY. Murphy has done a lot of good in the two years he has held the position. I think continuity of leadership is valuable. Although there comes a time when new blood is needed (see above), we’re nowhere near that with this position. Murphy deserves another two years to continue the progress he has made.


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