Endorsements in November 2, 2021 Boston municipal election

By | October 19, 2021

Dropboxes are open starting today for ballots for the November 2, 2021 Boston municipal election, and early voting starts today Saturday, so it’s time for me to share my endorsements. My endorsements here closely mirror those from the preliminary election.

Local government is important, people. Get out there and vote!

For Mayor, Michelle Wu. Wu has a progressive vision for the future of our city, our commonwealth, our country, and the world. She is by far the better candidate in the race. In contrast, Annissa Essaibi George is an actively corrupt thin-blue-liner who at the very least financially benefits from the fact that her husband is a slumlord, and at worst is a slumlord herself.

For At-Large City Councillor, Ruthzee Louijeune, David Halbert, Julia Mejia, and Carla Monteiro. These candidates represent the best our city has to offer. Their progressive views and diversity are exciting and energizing. Every day they serve will make our city better. In contrast, Bridget Nee-Walsh, Michael Flaherty, and Erin Murphy are all disqualified by the fact that the’ve been endorsed by the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, and Althea Garrison can’t even be bothered to put up a campaign web site to tell us what her positions are or why we should vote for her, so she certainly hasn’t earned our vote.

For District 9 City Councillor, Liz Breadon. I have complaints about some of what Liz has done during her first term, but I see her listening to and learning from her constituents and evolving her positions in the right direction Michael Bianchi is a mediocre white man who has no qualifications to justify trying to unseat Breadon. (Mediocre white men running for office in opposition to more qualified women who have put in the work really piss me off.) Bianchi couldn’t even be bothered to set up a web page for his campaign.

For District 2 City Councillor, write in a candidate of your choice or leave it blank. Ed Flynn does not advocate for what is right for our city, and he has been endorsed by the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, which is an automatic disqualifier.

For District 3 City Councillor, Stephen McBride. He is a worthy candidate who will represent the city well, and his opponent Frank Baker is, like Ed Flynn, disqualified by the BPPA’s endorsement.

For District 4 City Councillor, Evandro Carvalho. My reasons for endorsing him are the same as for Stephen McBride, and his opponent, Brian Worrell, is also disqualified by the BPPA’s endorsement.

For District 5 City Councillor, Richard Arroyo. Same reasons as above; this isn’t complicated! His opponent, John White, is also disqualified by the BPPA’s endorsement.

For District 6 City Councillor, Kendra Hicks. I would have stayed out of this race if it weren’t for the abhorrently racist and misleading campaign mailer recently sent out by Hicks’s opponent, Mary Tamer, followed by her terrible non-apology. Tamer is not worthy to serve the people of Boston. When someone who has literally worked for a candidate then publicly endorses their opponent, you know it’s serious.

For District 7 City Councilor, Tania Fernandes Anderson. She is amply qualified, and her opponent is not serious (no web site! that’s an automatic disqualifier).

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