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Leave Louise Woodward alone

In response to “Killer nanny reinvents self as dance teacher in England” in today’s Boston Herald: To the editor: It is unfathomable to me why the Boston Herald thinks that how Louise Woodward is living her life is, or should be, news to your readers. Every bit of Woodward’s conduct since Matthew Eappen’s tragic death… Read More »

Sprint pays up!

As I noted before, I was awarded a default judgment against Sprint for over $800 in small claims court. As of a month after the judgment, they still hadn’t paid or showed up in court, so at the payment hearing the court issued me a Capeas (i.e., a document allowing me to have the CEO… Read More »

Speed kills

Four teens were killed, and a fifth critically injured, in a single-vehicle car accident in Leicester last Friday night. The driver of the car was traveling at over twice the speed limit. The local high school principal was quoted in the paper as saying, “It’s not like they did anything wrong.” I just sent the… Read More »