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Gregory’s Fine Tailoring: buyer beware!

I can’t speak to the quality of the custom tailoring work at Gregory’s Fine Tailoring, located at Boston’s downtown crossing. What I can do is report the facts of what Gregory did to me, and then you can decide for yourself whether to patronize his business. Executive summary: Work on my jacket, which I was… Read More »

How to successfully appeal a Massachusetts auto insurance (SDIP) surcharge

My wife was involved in an auto accident last September which was not her fault — she opened the door of her parked car after confirming that no one was coming, and another driver came whipping around a corner and hit her door.  Her insurance company found her liable for the accident and issued an… Read More »

Lawyer letter from Village Automotive Group

[You can read the whole series of Honda Village postings here.] I received in the mail today a letter from E. Peter Mullane, the lawyer whom Village Automotive Group has apparently retained to respond to my Chapter 93a letter about their deceptive advertising practices. It is worth noting that E. Peter Mullane’s chief claim to… Read More »

Wanna send someone a bottle of booze? Think again!

I recently decided to send a bottle of Scotch to a friend as a gift.  Guess what?  You Can’t Do That.  FedEx, UPS and the USPS all refuse to accept packages containing alcoholic beverages.  FedEx and UPS both said that a license is required to ship alcoholic beverages.  The USPS simply says that alcoholic beverages… Read More »