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“Jewish Mother for Obama”

This moving pro-Obama video testimonial is by Janette Hillis-Jaffe, an Orthodox Jew living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Hillis-Jaffe was so offended by the anti-Obama smears being circulated in the Jewish community, that she felt compelled to respond by making this video.  Some excerpts: I’m a Jewish Mother… so I worry! There was a time when I… Read More »

Jewish Unity in the 21st Century

I grew up the son of a Conservative rabbi in the Twin Cities. The local Orthodox rabbi was not only a member (with my father) of the non-denominational Minnesota Rabbinical Council, he also served as its president. He cooperated with the city’s Conservative rabbis in supervision of a local bakery to ensure that there would… Read More »

FUD on Israel attacking Iran

In his weekly opinion column on August 22, M.J. Rosenberg argues that Israel would endanger Jews living outside of Israel by attacking Iran. Furthermore, he rattles off a frightening laundry list of negative outcomes which he claims would result from such an attack: “An Israeli attack on Iran—absent an imminent threat of attack from Iran—is… Read More »

Amazing video about the Arab-Israeli conflict

I have just watched an amazing video about the Arab-Israeli conflict. I encourage everyone to view it, to forward it to others, to link to it, and to Digg it, so that as many people as possible will see it. It is available at

Sign the Jews 4 Obama petition

If you, like me, are a supporter of Barack Obama, and if you, like me, are Jewish, then please go to and sign the petition to show your support! Help defeat the scurrilous attacks against Obama’s credentials as a friend of Israel and a friend of Jews! Thank you.