“Jew” is not a bad word

For years now, an indignant meme has been circulating around the Internet about how awful it is that when you search for the word “Jew” in Google, one of the first search results you get back is for the patently antisemitic web site JewWatch.

Above that offensive link, you get back this sponsored search result from Google:

Petitions are periodically circulated around the Internet demanding for Google to remove JewWatch from its search results, and asserting that they will comply if enough people sign the petition. This is not true. Google does not censor search results because of petitions. And given how much antisemitism there is in the world, would you really want them to? Would you like to see Google start removing pro-Israel web sites from its search results because millions of people hate Israel and are willing to sign a petititon saying so? Certainly not.

Rather, the way to drive JewWatch and other offensive sites lower in Google’s search results is to create links all over the web to other, unoffensive sites. The more links there are to such sites, the higher they will appear in search results.

Similarly, you should not create links to JewWatch or other offensive sites. If you must refer to them, do so by name or type out the URL withoute making it an actual link. Even referring to a site’s name will boost it in Google’s rankings, but if you don’t link to it, the boost is much, much smaller.

Given all that, here are some links to sites with more appropriate content about Jews and what it means to be Jewish:

Feel free to link to this page if you want to help drive antisemitic web sites down low where they belong. Or even better, create a page like this one on the blogs and web sites you maintain.

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