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Computershare is WAY better than BNY Mellon

Recently, I wrote about BNY Mellon’s inept handling of 2010 1099-OIDs for Israel bonds, my relief that the State of Israel had decided to replace BNY Mellon with Computershare as the fiscal agent for Israel Bonds purchased in the U.S., and my hope that Computershare would be better than BNY Mellon. Less than 12 hours… Read More »

Thank God Israel Bonds kicked BNY Mellon to the curb

My wife and I own a number of Israeli Bonds purchased over the course of many years (typically after annual High Holiday appeals). Many of these bonds are Original Issue Discount (OID) bonds. Dispensing with all the technical details, the general idea of an OID bond is that you get a 1099-OID statement every year… Read More »

Citi Smith Barney refunds transfer fees

I wrote previously about the painful experience I had trying to transfer from stock from Citi Smith Barney into my Vanguard brokerage account, and about the bogus transfer fee that Citi Smith Barney charged me without prior notice. Citi Smith Barney charged the fee because I initiated the stock transfer from Vanguard.  I did it… Read More »