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HSBC gets it wrong a second time

Today, I received a second letter from HSBC, claiming once again that they sent me a Statement Available Alert on January 13, despite my twice providing proof that they did not. They also claimed that they were not in violation of the Truth in Lending Act because the Act only requires them to make statements… Read More »

HSBC takes its cue from the “we’re a large corporation and we don’t care about you” playbook

I’m not going to bother to reprint the response I received from HSBC to my recent complaint. Instead, I will reproduce the response I just sent them: February 26, 2010 [name elided] Executive Liaison Office of the President HSBC Card and Retail Services P.O. Box 80026 Salinas, CA 93912 Dear Ms. [name elided], I have… Read More »

HSBC figures out clever money-making strategy: don’t email statement until after payment is due

My wife and I have a Jordan’s Furniture charge account issued by HSBC NV, a somewhat shady subsidiary of HSBC with a history of predatory lending and suspicious practices. They issue “private label” charge accounts for Jordan’s and many other retailers. We have a balance on the account under one of their frequent “buy now,… Read More »

Do we have a Jordan’s PowerCharge account, or don’t we?

My wife and I recently visited Jordan’s Furniture to look at mattresses.  While we’ve had our problems with Jordan’s in the past, Mattresses are definitely a commodity item, the Jordan’s “sleep techs” really do seem to know what they’re talking about, and their mattress prices are quite reasonable. We have a Jordan’s PowerCharge account which… Read More »