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Pulaski Build-A-Bear loft bed still unsafe

UPDATE [November 26, 2014]: Jordan’s Furniture repaired the ladder for free. The last time it broke they replaced the entire ladder; this time, they replaced the brackets. However, they have refused to acknowledge the design defect which has allowed the ladder to break twice, or the safety risk inherent in said defect. Honestly, I don’t… Read More »

Safety warning: Jordan’s Furniture / Pulaski Build-A-Bear loft bed risk of collapsing ladder

Executive Summary The Pulaski Build-A-Bear loft bed, sold by Jordan’s Furniture and other furniture retailers, has a dangerous safety defect with the brackets with which the ladder is attached to the bed.  Jordan’s Furniture failed to adequately address this defect when notified about it.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is currently investigating.  I am… Read More »