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An open letter to Tufts Health Plan: why are you so bad?

[See the update here.] Dear Tufts Health Plan, I am fortunate to have had the privilege of working for more than three decades in white-collar jobs which provided decent employer-sponsored health insurance. I’ve therefore been a member of many different health insurance companies, and I’m not sure any of them has given me so much… Read More »

My response to absurd denial letter from Tufts Health Plan

Tufts Health PlanAttn: Member Appeals To whom it may concern: I am writing about the letter I received today from Cigna Health Management for myself, participant ID [elided] and reference code [elided]. To be frank, this letter is the worst, most impenetrable, absurd blob of insurance-company doublespeak I have encountered in many years. I am… Read More »

St. Elizabeth’s lies to Tufts Health Plan and the Mass. DPH too, but they can’t get their story straight

I received in the mail today responses to my complaint about St. Elizabeth’s from Tufts Health Plan and the Division of Health Care Quality of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. It’s not terribly surprising that St. Elizabeth’s lied to Tufts and the DPH just like they lied to us.  After all, once they made… Read More »