Sayonara to US Airways Dividend Miles

By | March 23, 2009

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I got my monthly US Airways Dividend Miles statement in email today.  Here’s what I sent in response:

March 23, 2009

Dividend Miles Service Center
US Airways
Post Office Box 20050
Phoenix, AZ 85036

To whom it may concern:

Please cancel my US Airways Dividend Miles account, number [elided], PIN [elided], and my wife [elided]‘s account, number [elided], PIN [elided].

Please remove all records of us from your systems, including our accounts on the Dividend Miles Web site and any email addresses and telephone numbers which you have on record for either of us.

Please note that both my wife and I have signed this letter authorizing you to cancel our accounts.

After our recent experience with your airline (see attached), we will never again willingly avail ourselves of your services. Even if we are forced to do so out of necessity, it certainly won’t be often enough to justify belonging to your frequent-flier program.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Jonathan Kamens

[elided] Kamens

encl: March 10, 2009 letter to US Airways CEO Doug Parker

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