Resident-only parking restriction removed!

By | June 5, 2009

As I previously reported, Allston/Brighton resident-only parking signs were posted on my block on May 15, without any prior consultation with or notice to the homeowners on the block.

The day I wrote to the city about this, I received a response from someone in the Transportation Department claiming that it would be looked into.  When I hadn’t heard anything back from him, I escalated on June 3 by sending email to Transportation Commissioner Thomas Tinlin.

I received a response from Commissioner Tinlin the next day.  He explained that the man who had responded to me on May 15 was seriously ill and had been in the hospital for several weeks.  He also assured me that he would look into the matter immediately.

Today, less than 48 hours after I first emailed Commissioner Tinlin, I received the following response:

Mr. Kamens,

Upon research it appears that a fairly new traffic investigator assigned to the ___ Street RPP program made an assumption that the entire length of ___ Street was to be Resident Parking. This, as you know was not the case.

In his attempt to be proactive he made this mistake with the best of intentions. I have spoken to him about the proper process which must be followed and he should contact a supervisor if any confusion in the field occurs again.

Having said all this the signs in question will be taken down beginning today. I do apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this has caused you and your neighbors.


Tom Tinlin

There was a Transportation Department crew on our street removing the signs about ten minutes after this message was sent.

Very nicely handled.

Also, on the off chance that someone else encounters a similar situation in the future, I should mention the following for the record.  In his email to me on June 4, Mr. Tinlin summarized the process that’s supposed to be followed before a parking restriction is put into place: “Our policy as it relates to the establishment of a Resident Parking program is two fold. 1. A neighborhood petition circulated by the folks requesting which is then followed up by a series of community meetings, and 2. A request from the local elected officials.”

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