Initial FAA response

By | June 15, 2009

Here’s the initial response I got from the FAA:

Thank you for contacting the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aviation Safety Hotline.

I would also contact the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) Aviation Consumer Protection Division.  

In the meantime I have forwarded your email to the Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) for the FAA that oversees Continental Airlines at the Southwest Regional Office.  The control number for this hotline is [elided].  If you have any further inquiries you may contact the Aviation Safety Hotline and reference that control number.  The TSA and the DOT’s contact information is below.  If the links do not work please copy and paste into your web browser. (DOT) (TSA email) or phone at  1-866-289-9673.

I hope this helps you.


[name elided]
Aviation Safety Hotline

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