News update: Early Show out, MSNBC (maybe) in

By | June 16, 2009

The Early Show canceled because I wouldn’t let them interview my daughter; they said the story wouldn’t have enough “impact” without her.  Well, the “impact” of their story is less important than my daughter’s well-being.

That leaves Good Morning America and Fox & Friends as pretty certain.

I just recorded the Good Morning America interview; if you watch it tomorrow, keep in mind that I was sitting in a hotel room in Connecticut when they filmed me, and you will be amazed by the wonders of modern video editing.

Fox & Friends is sending a car to pick me up from Connecticut and take me to New York tonight, and then I’m going to be with them live in the morning.  I have to confess that’s a little scary.

MSNBC has also expressed interest, but I’m still waiting to hear back from them and nothing is firm.

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