Another reason why we will never buy another car from Honda Village (Newton, MA)

By | June 20, 2009

[You can read the whole series of Honda Village postings here.]

Long-readers of my blog may remember the experience my wife and I had when we bought a minivan from Honda Village in Newton, MA. To summarize, the salesman from whom we bought our van outright lied to us about one of the warranties he convinced us to buy, then ignored my complaint letters about it, then promised a refund check which they never sent.  I had to threaten legal action to get them to refund the cost of that warranty as promised.

Well, I’m sorry to say that Honda Village is up to their slimy sales tactics again.  I got an envelope in the mail a few days ago which looked like this on the front (click for bigger image):

Front of Envelope

And this on the back:

Back of Envelope

Notice how cleverly this envelope is designed to look like something important; in fact, it’s pretty clearly designed to look like something from the IRS (the big bold “2009” makes that clear).  Notice how cleverly the green registered mail “sticker” (except it’s not really a sticker — it’s actually a fake registered mail sticker printed on the envelope) on the front wraps around onto the back, as do the two black bars on the side.

Notice how nowhere on the envelope does it say who it’s from.

So, what do you think I found inside this incredibly urgent, “official use only” envelope when I opened it?  A letter from Honda Village telling me that if I trade in my 2007 Odyssey and buy a 2009 Odyssey, I can reduce my monthly payment by $232.64 per month.

Deceptive envelopes that force people to open junk mail are one of my big pet peeves (previous instances reported on my blog: Verizon, Verizon again; I’ve received others before that I haven’t blogged about).  I won’t do business with companies that use them.  So, although Honda Village was already in my hall of shame, now they’re doubly so.

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6 thoughts on “Another reason why we will never buy another car from Honda Village (Newton, MA)

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  5. Wouter

    Village Subaru in Acton does the exact same. I will never go there again.

  6. Frisky070802

    Wow, is that slimy. I’ve seen bogus official-looking spam before, but nothing quite so egregious!


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