National news roundup

By | June 21, 2009

For those of you who are curious…

  • CBS Early Show video
  • NBC Today show video: Wendy Babineaux live phone interview; story about my daughter cribbed from local affiliate; story about both girls
  • Fox & Friends: I appeared live but don’t have video and can’t find it online.  If you’ve got it, please let me know!
  • ABC Good Morning America: They interviewed me, but I didn’t see the story on TV, can’t find it on their Web site, and can’t find anyone who saw it.  Don’t know if they just didn’t run it or what.  If you can shed any light, please let me know!
  • CNN: They tried to get me for an interview but it didn’t work out.  My in-laws were interviewed, and they said they actually saw the story run on CNN, but I didn’t see it, don’t have a recording of it and can’t find it anywhere on the CNN Web site.  If you saw it or have access to the video, please let me know!

Anything I missed?

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2 thoughts on “National news roundup

  1. jik Post author

    I can’t tell whether that video clip actually aired nationally or was just posted on the Web site.


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