Root Cause Analysis of my daughter’s “trip” to Newark

By | June 22, 2009

Aaron Cross of ThinkReliability, a Houston, TX company that specializes in incident investigation and root cause analysis (RCA) and trains individuals and organizations to use the “Cause Mapping” RCA technique, has prepared a case study of what happened to my daughter last week which illustrates how Continental should approach determining what went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again.  Whether Continental will take this approach remains to be seen.  If they’re interested in doing so and they don’t feel like they have the necessary in-house expertise, maybe they should give the folks at ThinkReliability a call; it’s a local call from Continental’s corporate HQ!

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One thought on “Root Cause Analysis of my daughter’s “trip” to Newark

  1. Andrew

    I find it distracting that their overview charts flow right-to-left and their detail charts flow left-to-right. There’s a potential for error right at the top level! 🙂


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