CVS hits it out of the park

By | September 3, 2009

We go through a lot of Pampers diapers, so we buy them in large-count packs to save money.  At CVS, we always buy the larger “Jumbo” size.

At least, we did until recently, when the Jumbo packs suddenly disappeared from the shelves, leaving only the smaller “Mega” size, whose per-diaper cost is 11% higher.

After noticing that there were no Jumbo packs in two separate visits to CVS, I asked the night supervisor what was up.  She said that if there were still prices for the Jumbo packs on the shelf, then they were just out of stock, but if the prices had been removed from the shelf, then they’d been discontinued.  I went back to the shelf and checked, and indeed the prices of the Jumbo packs were gone from the shelf.

I went home and sent a complaint to CVS through their Web site.  I explained that we buy the larger packs to save money, that we spend over $500 per year on diapers, and that if they don’t bring back the Mega packs, we’ll have no choice but to stop buying diapers from CVS.

 Today, I got back this incredible response from a CVS district manager:

Mr. Kamens,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us in regards to the availability of the “Mega” pack size of diapers. We have in fact discontinued the “Mega” pack size of diapers however; they are being replaced by the box count diapers which is an even better value than the Mega size. Unfortunately this product will not be available until the beginning of October. In the mean time I would like to offer you the Jumbo Pack size diaper for the same per diaper price you were paying when purchasing the Mega size package. This would bring the price for the Jumbo pack to $10.79.

I will contact the store to make them aware of this. I would also suggest that you bring a copy of this email to authorize the sale price.

Also as a token of my apologies for the inconvenience I will be sending you out a $10.00 CVS Gift card and you should be receiving this in the next 7 – 10 days.

Nicely played, CVS!

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