Kudos to Shaw’s

By | September 3, 2009

Apparently it’s a good week for customer service.  Following up on my compliment to CVS, I also want to single out the Shaw’s at 1065 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston.  Here’s the letter I sent them through their Web site:


I want to commend the performance of the cashier, [name elided], who rang up my groceries last night.

I bought three bags of pizza dough.  While ringing up my groceries, he checked each of the bags carefully and noticed that there was some discoloration in the dough in one of them.  He brought this to my attention, and I was able to go back to the refrigerated case and get a replacement.

When I got back to the checkout aisle, I noticed that he was checking my eggs to make sure that none of them were broken.

I was impressed by, and grateful for, [name elided]‘s conscientiousness.

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One thought on “Kudos to Shaw’s

  1. Frisky070802

    That’s quite remarkable. I wonder if he/she checked the eggs only because of the downtime while you replaced the dough, or would do it all the time?

    I usually remember to check my own, and find a problem about one time in 6 or 8 … too often!


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