King Richard’s Faire in the news

By | September 27, 2009

Well, she made it sound like I’m the only King Richard’s Faire patron who ever complained about it, said nothing about the fact that more importantly than the Kosher thing, the Faire’s policies discriminate painfully (literally) against people with medical conditions, let stand unchallenged a statement from the owner of the Faire that her policies are meant “to be fair to all visitors,” and said nothing about the fact that there is widespread hatred among the cast of the faire for the way the owner treats them and the vendors (of course, it’s possible that she was unable to get anyone to make such statements on the record, given that it would guarantee that they’d never work at the Faire again).

Nevertheless, Erica Noonan’s story in today’s Boston Globe does mention briefly what happened to us, and mentions that the Connecticut Faire is significantly cheaper, lets people bring in their own food, allows people to leave and re-enter the Faire, and has several acts that defected from KRF.  So it’s not a total loss.

Click here to read the article if you’re curious.

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One thought on “King Richard’s Faire in the news

  1. Frisky070802

    I don’t think she makes it sound like you’re the only one to be affected, but that you’re the most notable example of it because of the blog — to be quoted at all 4 years later is actually an accomplishment! Good to get the word out, and I think the comments about the competition will have the desired effect, steering people that way.


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