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#GlobeDelivery also fails to NOT deliver to people who DON’T want papers

(See the previous chapter of the Globe Direct saga.) To the staff of the Boston Globe and everyone else who has anything to do with your vile “Globe Direct In association with redplum” weekly advertising circulars: When I asked you over and over and over again for six months to stop mailing me your advertising circulars…… Read More »

Globe Direct: Hey Boston, here’s 34 tons of trash per week on us!

What would you say if I told you that there’s a Boston business that adds more than 34 tons per week of trash to the City of Boston’s waste stream*, trash that the residents of Boston end up paying to dispose of to the tune of >$100,000 per year**? What would you say if I… Read More »

King Richard’s Faire in the news

Well, she made it sound like I’m the only King Richard’s Faire patron who ever complained about it, said nothing about the fact that more importantly than the Kosher thing, the Faire’s policies discriminate painfully (literally) against people with medical conditions, let stand unchallenged a statement from the owner of the Faire that her policies… Read More »

Brief mention in the Boston Globe

From “MBTA announces latest arrival: Google mapping tool for riders“: But not everyone at yesterday’s news conference was trumpeting the partnership. Jonathan Kamens, 39, of Brighton said Google Maps’s public transit routes are faulty because they rely on schedules provided by the MBTA, which are sometimes wrong. Kamens, a software engineer, said his complaints to… Read More »