#GlobeDelivery also fails to NOT deliver to people who DON’T want papers

By | January 11, 2016

(See the previous chapter of the Globe Direct saga.)

To the staff of the Boston Globe and everyone else who has anything to do with your vile “Globe Direct In association with redplum” weekly advertising circulars:

When I asked you over and over and over again for six months to stop mailing me your advertising circulars… When I finally escalated in February 2014 by emailing your advertisers and informing them that you were inflating your circulation numbers by continuing to deliver to people who had repeatedly asked you not to… When I complained to Mayor Walsh and pointed out the cost to the city of disposing of the 34 tons of paper you deliver to people’s mailboxes every week… When you finally stopped sending me your circulars… I did not expect to have to go through exactly the same fight with you less than two years later.

And yet, here it is, less than two years later, and once again I am receiving your weekly advertising circulars.

Do not mail requests do not expire.

I don’t care that you switched delivery vendors. Your do-not-mail list should have been transferred to your new vendor. Those of us who asked you to stop delivering your garbage to our mailbox don’t care who you’re paying to deliver it. We just don’t want it.



Jonathan Kamens

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