Recruiters to avoid: add CyberCoders to the list

By | February 16, 2016

CyberFailureWhen you work in high-tech, especially at a start-up, random recruiters calling and emailing out of the blue is unavoidable. It’s so bad that most tech engineers and managers I know simply don’t answer calls from phone numbers they don’t recognize, because it’s better than even odds that the caller is a recruiter.

Every one in a while — very rarely — a recruiter contacts me after taking the time to learn about me and my business, and makes a clear, detailed case for why they will be able to help us hire the right people. As rare as this approach is, it is the minimum standard of behavior that has any chance of landing my business.

Maybe one in fifty recruiters makes it over this obvious hurdle. Anyone who doesn’t is told, politely but unequivocally, that I am not interested in their services. If they contact me again, I ask them, once again politely but unequivocally, not to contact me or my company any further. And that should be the end of it (actually, before the first phone call or email should have been the end of it, but that’s too much to hope for).

And then there are the few, the vile, the recruiters who insist on continuing to hit on their marks despite being asked repeatedly to stop, often lying and acting like jerks in the process. I’ve written about some of them before. I’m writing today to add CyberCoders to the list of cold-calling, lying, obnoxious recruiters with whom you should never, ever, ever do business.

My coworkers and I first asked CyberCoders over two years ago to stop contacting us, and that was after they contacted several of us repeatedly without any response. Since then, we’ve asked Brian Grimditch, Craig Montgomery, Julie (Jordan) Anadora, Matt Yassen, Courtney (Brown) Hunt, John Clifford, and Brenna Boies to leave us alone (yes, it has gotten so bad that I’m resorting to public naming and shaming). Several of them gave us worthless assurances us that they would add our company to the CyberCoders “block list” and we would not hear from them again.

So, you might ask, if we’ve been asking CyberCoders for more than two years to leave us alone, what has finally prompted me to call them out publicly about their obnoxious, lying recruiting practices? That would be the response I received yesterday from Ms. Boies, the most recent CyberCoders recruiter to harass us:


I apologize for the inconvenience it’s been having 6 people reach out to you in the past two years about helping to fill your open positions. Clearly I was not aware of this and will “try” to add you to our black list.

Have a great week.


In other words, “Hi! I’m a jerk and so are the people I work with. Have a great week!”

There are reputable, trustworthy, effective high-tech recruiters. Any recruiter that acts like this is the opposite.

P.S. For the record, “CyberCoders” is an incredibly stupid name for a programmer recruiting firm. It’s like naming a firm in a different field “HealthNurses” or “LawAttorneys”. Just sayin’.

P.P.S. If you’re curious, this is the email I sent to Ms. Boies which prompted the above response:

Dear Ms. Boies,

My coworkers and I have previously told at least six other CyberCoders employees — Brian Grimditch, Craig Montgomery, Julie Jordan, Matt Yassen, Courney Brown, and John Clifford — some of them multiple times, over a period of more than two years, to stop contacting us.

We have been assured multiple times that we would be put on your “block list.” We both see how well that worked.

Because of people from CyberCoders repeatedly pestering us after we have repeatedly over a prolonged period of time asked you to stop, there is no way in hell we will ever consider candidates from CyberCoders. Believe me, we aren’t going to forget your company’s name, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

You could therefore save your time and ours by LEAVING US ALONE. Thank you.

Thank you,

Jonathan Kamens

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6 thoughts on “Recruiters to avoid: add CyberCoders to the list

  1. Ken

    Yes, we had this today:

    CyberCoders has recently placed a candidate with XXXX which is why I’m reaching out with a great developer….

    Pure fiction as they have not placed anyone with us – verified with HR.

    We replied to Michael M. that his statement was not factual and please do not bother us. Then cybercoders was added to our incoming email block list.

  2. Anonymous

    Add John Ward of CyberCoders to this list. He convinced me to drive down from LA to Newport Beach for an interview he was sure I was a great fit for. I was hesitant but he persisted. After the interview I called him and he said he would get back to me with feedback from his client. Days go by and after numerous calls and emails it is very clear I am being ignored. I lost a day’s pay and I just wanted feedback on how the interview went. Do not deal with these people.

  3. AJ Singh

    CyberCoders are the worst of all. I had a medical emergency and could not respond to their messages for 2 days, and I got this –

    What kind of recruiters uses such language when testing a candidate who is in the hospital? I want to make this text message I got from them viral and ensure not a single job seeker goes through them.

  4. Hman

    Mark their emails and linkedin messages as spam. Everyone should do the same.

  5. Ryan

    I just recently made the stupid decision of giving one of them a shot because they seemed a little more genuine than some of the others I’d been exposed to. When I told him I’d gotten the bad news that the position he was helping us out with was being put on hiatus for a while because we had gotten enough people, AND THEN introduced him to a partner who was urgently looking for the very same role, he replied back to me directly saying “THIS IS A JOKE”. Granted I wanted to unleash all of hell’s wrath upon him, I did not. He then emailed me about 3 hours later asking “so where are we at with this candidate? when can I tell him to come to your office?”.

    I can’t wait to figure out how to report him to whoever the hell is going to fire him.


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